Recharge Smart Cell Balance - Recharge Smart in 4 ways

Recharge Smart Cell Balance

Recharge Smart Cell Balance:- Hello! Welcome, again we want to share today about how to recharge Smart Cell in different 4 ways. Today there are different ways you can easily recharge your mobile. The different ways to recharge are using USSD code, Using IVR service, and online recharge.
Recharge Smart Cell Balance
Recharge Balance in Smart Simcard

Smart Telecom is one of the third largest Telecom company that is providing large numbers of customers through its services. Mostly it is providing service in the remote areas of Nepal. Till now the service of Smart Telecom is found to be satisfied among the customers.

How to Refill Smart Cell Simcard?

Now, let's know how to recharge Smart Cell in different ways easily. Mostly there are 4 ways you can recharge your and other friends mobile. All the four ways to recharge balance in smart Simcard attached mobile in detail.

To recharge firstly, follow these following steps:
a. Open your mobile lock
b. go to the dialer keypad of your mobile.
c. Now apply the following 4 ways to recharge your mobile as per requirement.

#1 To recharge own number

Using USSD Code:
Dial *122*PinCode of recharge card#

#2 To recharge other Smart numbers

Using USSD Code:
Dial *120*PinCode of recharge card*PhoneNumber to recharge#

#3 To recharge using IVR Service

Using USSD Code:
Dial 4244 and follow as per the instruction

#4 Online Recharge of Smart Cell 

You may also recharge your prepaid number using
Esewa, Khalti, EnetPay, Smart App

Note:- We would like to inform you that there are different 4 ways you can recharge your mobile inserted Smart Telecom sim card. You can choose according to your availability, your comfort and situation. You never know that when we need to recharge mobile. The emergency is always uncertain so before emergency, you should always make you're mobile full of balance. 

Transfer Smart Simcard Balance

After recharging your mobile in smart Simcard if you would like to transfer to your friends and family then we have also got a solution for this [Click to transfer Balance] and enjoy using Smart Simcard. 

Concluding words

You always have an option which Simcard to insert inside your mobile phone. We recommend you to use all the Simcard like NTC, NCELL and Smart Telecom because you can use different Simcard for you different Simcard user friend. If you don't know how to transfer balance then also you can click above link.

Thank you
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