Smart Cell Balance Transfer - Balance transfer from Smart prepaid

 Smart Cell balance transfer How?

Smart Cell balance transfer:- Like NTC and NCELL, Smarttel is also another private Simcard distributor company. Firstly, Smart Cell means Smarttel according to our article. Transferring money from one mobile to another is the new service provided by Smarttel for its loyal customers. This is a new and the modern method of transferring money since Smart Cell system is fully updated according to the needs and demand of customers. Smart Cell is a private company that provides service to transfer Balance from one Simcard to another sim card easily.
Smart Cell Balance Transfer
Transfer Smart Cell Balance

What is the past and present of transferring the balance?

There is no difference in the transfer system of money one smart cell to another smart cell.

All you need to do is in the smart cell and at present also the system of transferring is also same you can directly include the amount or type the amount you are transferring to your friend or family member.

What is the Balance transfer?

In a simple word, balance transfer means moving the available balance of one Simcard to another Simcard if both the receivers and givers are ready for this transaction.

Furthermore, transferring money from your mobile phone Smart Cell Simcard money to your friend Smart Cell Simcard. The minimum amount you can transfer is Rs. 10 which is same as NTC.

How much service charge should we pay to transfer a balance?

Smart Cell provides totally free service without charging any hidden charges. No problem you can transfer easily without any interference.

How to transfer Smart Cell balance?

There are certain easy steps we can follow to transfer a balance from one mobile to another which are below : 

➽Step 1 :

Swipe your phone or unlock your phone or open with secret code you have set.

➽Step 2 :

Go to the keypad dialer or click to call sign

➽Step 3

Type  *131*number to transfer balance(friend number)*20(an amount you want to transfer greater than Rs. 10)*123456#

Summary  *131*mobile number*amount*123456#

Note: We want to remind you that 123456 is compulsory and the minimum amount you can transfer is Rs. 10. 


     ➞131 = Code provided by Smart Cell so include same as it is  

     ➞Security code = No security code required so just type 123456 NTC Security Code lost Click Here

     ➞Phone number = 10 digits number starting from 9 especially in Nepal

     ➞Amount to Transfer = Minimum amount is Rs. 10 up to your available balance.

What is the daily balance transfer limit? 

You can transfer your Smart Cell balance 5 times daily. In some case, it can be more as well according to your request.
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Who can receive this service?

Since service is provided by Smart so all the Smart prepaid Simcard users can use this service easily and happily and enjoy talking with your family.


Smart is a growing private Simcard in Nepal. So, we also want to encourage you to use Nepalese Company Simcard. This information will help you to transfer money in Smart network with friends But, if you have any confusion related to transferring a balance from Smart to Smart then you can easily contact Smarttel office by dialling 4242 and if you are NTC and NCELL operator then dial 9611004242.
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