how to change Simcard owner name - NTC to transfer Simcard

how to change Simcard owner name- NTC to transfer Simcard

how to change Simcard owner name - NTC to transfer Simcard. Nepal Telecom has declared all the NTC Simcard users to bring Simcard used by them in their own name.

how to change simcard owner name
bring NTC Simcard in your name

Nepal telecommunication

Nepal telecom one of the leading government Telecommunication service is changing some policy on the sim card carried out by the customers.


At the past time due to shortage of Simcard, there was black marketing. Due to black marketing, many customers have purchased Simcard in another seller name.

Now, there is no problem whether the sim card is in others name. You can easily bring NTC Simcard in your name

When you can transfer NTC Simcard in your name?

From September 25th, 2019 you can transfer other Simcard in your own name. So, do it fast because this is a nice offer from NTC. Since you are using this sim card for a long time.

What is the benefit of transferring Simcard In your name?

The benefit of transferring another name Simcard in your name will definitely decrease fraudulent activities. NTC can easily track the bad activities from the Simcard.

How to transfer ownership?

The managing director of Managing Director Dilli Adhikari Nepal telecom is going to bring Nagarik App in operation. This app will help NTC customers to bring others name Simcard in their Name.

You do not need any documents to transfer other customer named Simcard in your name.

Not only this much, but you can also use this Nagarik App in different other purposes like public service commission form, pan registration form, passport form.

How to Change Simcard owner name - NTC to Transfer Simcard 

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We hope that the Nagarik app of NTC will help you to transfer the ownership of Simcard. Stay tuned with us in the future for more updates. if you have not subscribed us plz click on the subscribe button which is at the right side.
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