SEE to Grade 12 Home Exam Centre - Grade 12 Notice 2077

SEE to Grade 12 Home Exam Centre

SEE to Grade 12 Home Exam Centre:- Postponed Secondary Education Exam (SEE) to Grade 12 exam to be held from the home centre has been set up. In this uncomfortable situation, students are unable to attend the examination by visiting a home away exam centre. So, the Ministry of Education says that students are not in the mood to give Exam at this current situation so Home Center will be decided after lockdown is complete. 
SEE to Grade 12 Home Exam Centre
SEE to Grade 12 Home Exam Centre Notice

What is Home Exam Centre?

Home Exam Centre is the Examination Centre is the place where students of SEE, Grade 11 and Grade 12 will be able to appear the examination they have studied earlier or it means that student will be able to give their exam in the same school they have studied for the preparation of the exam.  

Ministry of Education Is discussing with the parties about exam centre options. Education Head of the school's school division Joint Secretary Krishna Prasad Kapri Home Center Minister for Education Girirajmani Pokhrel should be made Efforts to convince Pokhrel, including Pokhara Have done. Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Education Capri said that students will be able to appear the exam at the student home.

Discussion on Home Exam Center Underway

Furthermore, Kapri said that some school are made quarantine centre and after the transition is over the situation will not be normal in a short period but it takes some times. He said, 'Home is one of the options Discussions about the centre are underway He has not been reached to confirm the decision. In addition, he said that arrangements would be made to ensure the dignity and credibility of the exam. 

Till now Packing work of the exam question of Grade 10 to 12 has been finished and it in the Police office

Officials of the National Examination Board said All home the stakeholders are in the side to make home centers for the examination of SEE, Grade 11 and Grade 12. 'Most of the students studying in Grade 11 and 12 are residing in Kathmandu and the Students are studying in Kathmandu are in rent house so they have to visit their rental houses in Kathmandu to appear their board examination.

This Year Grade 10 to 12 Students Numbers is nearly 14 Lakhs 50 Thousand

At the Current time, Most of the students are in their permanent resident which is far from their studying rental house which is Kathmandu or other cities far from the students permanent home. At past, some private schools have been accused of buying the exam centre. Think that if they are provided Home centre what will be the education status?

Benefits for the Remote Students

It will be fruitful to the students appearing examination from Inaccessible districts and difficult places to set home centres as said by the official. Student Examination centre at the school you have studied Earlier, saying that was not dignified the arrangement earlier removed by the Ministry of Education is to be implemented again.

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