How To Compress Large Video Without Losing Quality [Mobile]

How To Compress Large Video Without Losing Quality

How To Compress Large Video Without Losing Quality tips and tricks. Today our topic is how to decrease the size of the video without losing quality or resolution of the video within a few minutes. 

If you are a mobile user or android mobile user and want to decrease your video size then this topic to compress video without losing quality will be very much fruitful according to search. 
How To Compress Large Video
How To Compress Large Video
You know that sometime that there will be a situation that some videos will be very important for us but due to large size we cannot keep it into our mobile as there are already many other videos or data into our mobile phone. 

In some cases, we even delete such an important video due to low disc space into our mobile phone.

If you are currently using internet-connected into your smartphone then it's time to follow us. 

How to Compress video file?

You will need an application into your mobile firstly. We also want to share some of the more details of the app.

Firstly, Click to Download the app 

This app is developed by Mel studio apps. We found that the app rating is really impressive i.e. 4.4. The app is downloaded by millions of users 

The size of the app is 11.45 MB which can be installed in any smartphones easily. 

Till our review, this app has been reviewed by more than 37, 219 users from google play store.  

How to Compress Video without losing quality?
There are different options available inside the app. You will have the options like compress video, cut and compress video, fast forward, rotate video, extract mp3, share option and delete option.  

Compress video Option
After you click on compress video you find different sizes to compress your video according to your need.

Cut and Compress Video
At the time of shooting video, there are many unnecessary scenes in the videos which are needed to be deleted so to delete such scenes use to cut and compress option other use first option compress video

Rotate Video 
You can also rotate video according to your need.

Some reviews of App Users

Here are some of the reviews of the video compress app users. They have detailly reviewed about the app

Earl Watts (Rated 4*)

I haven't tried other video compression apps, but I've been using this one for months so I'm a satisfied customer. Compression speed seems satisfactory and you're able to view your video before and after compression then share it to over a dozen apps. I recommend it. The downside is the advertisements so I'm considering the paid version.

Colin Graham (Rated 3*)

The app works well but if I leave it for a few minutes, I find when I get back that it's slowed right down to a crawl. You have to sit there watching it all the time, tapping the phone screen every 30 seconds or whatever to stop it blanking out. Fine if you're compressing a small video, but a pain if the video's over, say, 400MB.

Quinton Steve Abrahams(Rated 5*)

This compress application is the best app I could find on the internet. It'$ difficult to quickly find an application that works perfectly, it does what it says, and in good time as well, I'm enjoying the functions of it so far. Will see if it will keep up the good performance as time goes, you've done a great job, guys

Sima Basargin (Rated 5*)

This app can compress files in the background, but there's no progress bar you can look at. I just rely on refreshing it and check the file size in my file manager. The only problem with this app is that there's no auto select to compress multiple files.

Nasar Quadri (Rated 5*)

A really solid app for compressing video feature work on just your phone. So you don't have to make efforts in doing complex actions to do the same in your computer. Really, it saves time and eases the task. But just a minor issue here that I want to point out for developers to solve; when we are done compressing the video, the original thumbnail of the video gets replaced by a distorted image. Please solve this issue and if I can do anything related to this, please tell. Otherwise, Thanks!

Arafat Basheer (Rated 1*)

The app displays only mp4 files for conversion. Other video formats are not supported.


Compress your large video and enjoy watching video. If anything else comments below.

Thank you
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