Loan in Ncell Simcard | How to Use Ncell Sapati Service

Loan in Ncell Simcard:- We have already talked about how to take a loan in NTC today we talk about how to get a loan for you if you are using Ncell Simcard.
Loan in Ncell Simcard
Get Ncell Loan
You can take Ncell Loan service any time of the day and you can take it for unlimited times as you wish/require but to do so you must not have previous credit/loan and service fee before requesting for another loan service.

Use of Loan Balance

The received Loan amount is added to your main balance and you will be allowed to make calls to any network, send SMS and use mobile internet as well as other services without interruption. There is no expiry date for the loan amount.

Criteria for NCELL Loan

If you are using Ncell prepaid Simcard for last two months or more then you are eligible to use this service when their balance is equal to Rs. 5 or less. 

Get a loan in Ncell  

Follow the below steps to take Ncell Saapati instantly 
Dial *9988# when their current balance is less than or equal to Rs. 5.
➤Go to Dialling Keypad
➤Type *9988# 
➤You will get loan amount instantly
➤The main balance must be less than Rs. 5 to get Loan.

Keep in Mind: You don't need to stop Ncell Saapati service but it will be automatically stopped after one Loan until you clear and it will be started when you recharge balance greater than the Loan amount. 

Charges After Loan:

The Loan amount will be deducted when you recharge your balance the next time, including the loan of Rs. 40, a service fee of Rs. 2 (exclusive of taxes)  and will be deducted from the newly recharged balance.

If your recharged balance amount is less than the loan amount of Rs. 40, the entire balance will be deducted and the remaining credit/loan and service tax shall be deducted when you recharge next time.

But if you do not recharge the balance after using the service then you can still be able to enjoy your incoming calls, SMS services but will not be eligible until you have paid the previous due loan in you Ncell Simcard.

To be noted: All the charges mentioned are exclusive of taxes. (Government taxes include 13% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT amount)


We hope that the above method helped you fully to get a loan into your Ncell Simcard. Comment us about the Loan service provided by Ncell to its loyal customers. If you also have NTC Simcard highlighted with blue colour.   
Thank you 
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