Loan in NTC Simcard | how to take a Loan in NTC Mobile

Loan in NTC Simcard:- We have already talked about how to take a loan in Ncell today we talk about how to get a loan for you if you are using NTC Simcard. 
Loan in NTC Simcard
Get NTC Loan

We know that sometimes it happens the situation that our mobile cannot be recharged. In this situation, we need to take a loan from the service provider.

How to get Loan in NTC Simcard

Before we take a loan from any service provider we need to know about the meaning of loan. Let us give a simple meaning about a loan. 

Meaning of Loan

The loan is a liability that is needed to be repaid after certain duration of time with interest or without interest including charges or without charges to the provider of loan. 

Here interest rate, duration and charges may vary according to the loan provider or prevailing interest rate in the market.


In case of NTC if you take a loan at the unavailability of recharge card or digital distance to load fund in Simcard then it is payable or deducted after you recharge your Simcard when it is available to you. All the customers are treated equally.

Start Loan service in NTC

➦Open your Mobile Lock 
➦Go to Message Section
➦Type start in the message box
➦Send in 1477

🅢In short: In message box type start and send it to 1477.

Now, you can enjoy the loan amount even if you are far from recharge booth. 

Stop Loan Service in NTC

➤Open your Mobile Lock 
➤Go to Message Section
➤Type stop in the message box
➤Send at 1477

We hope that you enjoyed using Loan from NTC and make your life easier. 

🅢In short: In message box type stop and send it to 1477.
The message you get after Taking Loan in Nepali
Namaste Sapati Linu Bhayeko Ma Dhannebad! Sewa Awasek Nabhayema stop Lekhi 1477 Ma SMS Pathaunu Hola. 


If you have any confusion while taking a loan from NTC then you can directly contact us by commenting in the below available section. If you are a Ncell User then click to the top link which in blue colour.   

Thank you 
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