How to Increase Internet Speed | 6 ways Speedup my internet

How to increase internet speed: Today we are sharing you a very important topic that how you can make your internet speed faster with a small effort at home. You are annoyed by your bad speed of the internet, here are ways to make it fast and enjoy faster internet speed.

Most people are still at home as the coronavirus epidemic continues.

At this time the use of internet has increased more. But you may be frustrated by the slow speed of the internet.

how to increase internet speed
Accelerate Internet Speed

Tips to help you make your internet faster.

If the internet is down or slow, then the company concerned is refusing to send the employee saying that there is a risk of coronavirus infection, then you must be thinking about how to make the internet fast.

1. Change the location of the router

The location of the router also determines the speed of your internet. If the choice of location for your router is incorrect, the Internet will be difficult to navigate. Therefore, do not place the router at high altitudes or near other electronic items.

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If there is a router with an antenna, keep its antenna upside down so that it can handle the signal well.

2. Option to connect separate antennas

If the internet is not working, it can be made faster by connecting another antenna separately.

If the router works on an internal antenna, you have the option to add an external antenna to increase the speed. External antennas can be purchased from the market.

3. Wireless booster

The capacity of each router is fixed. You can use a booster when the router cannot send the signal beyond a certain area.

For that, you can also connect a range extender booster.

4. Reboot the router

Reboot your WiFi router before starting work. As soon as it reboots, it clears the old memory and all the updates are installed.

5. Sharing Internet

Do not share your internet Wi-Fi password to outsiders they can change or disturb internet speed.

6. Password

 First of all, you need to make your password stronger by including the characters like Capital letter, special characters(#$%*@), use numbers (456589) and lower case letter. For example, your password should like Sunt$n#478, Gr3*dn$, etc.

Consider changing passwords from time to time can also make the Internet faster.


We hope that these are the most common and important ways to speed up your home internet speed with a little effort. We think that wireless booster would be a little complicated for your but other 5 ways to speed up your internet speed will be very helpful.

Thank you 
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