Facebook white background - Facebook is changing to easier

Facebook white background - Facebook is changing to easier

Facebook white background - Facebook is changing the User interface to the easier version in the near future. Facebook whitening in new future officially launched. Facebook is with white background and with a blue letter written as Facebook. We know that we are using Facebook for many years. We are chatting, watching different entertaining videos, uploading our latest status photos on Facebook and sharing happiness with family and friends.

This is the Mobile /smartphone version look of Facebook and past look of Facebook

Facebook white background

In the process of using Facebook, we are facing various trouble and many disturbance regarding menu and many features of Facebook. Now in recent future, Facebook is going to change such topic. Facebook is changing background. We are using Facebook in blue and white colour up to now.
Facebook developers conference has declared to change facebook user interface or back ground colour in the near future from blue, white to white & White colour. From this conference, Facebook has already done the public about changing colour from blue to white. Furthermore, we will experience that those menus which were very difficult to use in Facebook will be easier for users. Also, while using Facebook we experience a different experience. This design is new to users but many changes have been made many things different than past not only this much it will be more easier to use Facebook.

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This is the Desktop/laptop look of Facebook and past look of Facebook
desktop version of facebook

In past what we are experiencing regarding menus and different post this will be completely changed we can get different topics menu in a different place, we can get a fresh look of Facebook and easier way to use Facebook and Facebook will be faster than past.

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