Electronic diversity visa EDV result- how to check EDV result today

Electronic diversity visa EDV result-EDV result how to check

Electronic diversity visa EDV result - EDV result has been published how to check result immediately. DV lottery form fill up date si on october 3rd  and is ended on September 30th month every year.

DV lottery result publish date is on May, 7th,.

Now, lets check DV lottery for America step by steps. How to check result of EDV lottery ?
Electronic diversity visa EDV result- how to check EDV result today

step-1 DV lottery check

First, we need to open our browser like FireFox, google chrome or Internet explorer. We can choose any browser listed above or we can also use any other browsers like safari. 

Step-2 for Dv lottery

In the step to we need to login or type American authorized website for checking electronic diversity visa EDV by clicking dvprogram.state.gov do not believe on other website then this because other website may not be authorized website. This is a trusted website for checking DV result.

Step-3 for electronic Diversity visa

New window will open where we can see Electronic Diversity Visa. At the  bottom of this page we will be given a option to check our dv lottery status as check status. After this another window will open then after at the last of this page there will be written continue. When we click on continue we will be redirected to another window. This is the final stage of checking dv.

Step-4 DV lottery checking last step

In this step we will see a form where we have to fill up carefully. Document or paper that has been provided to us after submitting our dv lottery to America.

a. Confirmation no

This number will be of 14 digit otherwise this will not be accepted. If our confirmation number and other supporting doc does not match then we cannot get accurate result. So we need to provide this confirmation number carefully.

b.Last Family Name

Last family name can be like rijal, shrestha, Gautam, rai, lamichhane, Chhetri, Gurung, etc. We need to provide our surname not given name of our family. Given name means Ram, Hari, Ramkumar, Shyam hari, etc. Type carefully as document or paper provided by american website.

c. Date of birth Year

This will be of four digit. Four digit of year means 1990, 1998, 1978, etc. at the time of filling form for in the lottery of Diversity Visa to America in given above date.


This is a captcha provided before submitting for getting our result of dv  lottery. We should type exactly so that it match to the provided captcha or shown in th screen.


Step-5 for DV lottery

In this step we only need to send our form by clicking submitting. Now, new window will be shown as you are selected in EDV or You have not been selected for EDV. If you got you are selected for EDV there will be further process. If we are are not selected for DV then we need to wait to fill up form again next year.

When we are selected for DV we will get email that we have been selected for DV now you can apply for further process and further document requirement

Thank you
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