Learn English - 5 things to know for English Nepali Speaker

Learn English - 5 things to know to Learn English Language for Nepali Speaker

Learn English - 5 things to know for English Nepali Speaker We know that English is a International Language. We all need to know this language if we want to speak publicly.
People understand English Language but the problem is that they cannot speak English language confidently.
Learn English
Learn English
We all think that we need to know English grammar to speak English Language.

When we are speaking Nepali language we think this language in Nepali inside our mind and then we speak Nepali language.But, at the time of speaking English language we think in Nepali language or convert English in Nepali and Speak in English language.

When we speak English language we think our native language then convert in English and we speak English language.

Why can't we speak English language directly?

This is due to our environment and long term practice to speak in our language. We haven't learn much about our native language in school but we can speak our language easily. We have copied our native language from our elder such as father, mother. For example we find people fighting in front of children. By watching this live small child learns to argue in the future. But, in the case of English it is just opposite because it is completely new to us.  

Below Five tips we should keep in our mind to speak English Fluently and confidently in future.  

1 Observation

Watch TV, live or people who are talking in English. What types of words are coming out from mouth and after this what will be reaction.

2. Practice

Where to do is the most important.  Talk with native speaker or make a small illusion problem and talk with English speaker call centers.

3. Write Diary:

We need to write a diary in daily basis. This will really increase our thinking power in English. We can write our thought.

4. Make habit to think in English

If you are sitting alone and making thought to speak English. Without our thought we cannot speak

5. Use Simple words for speaking English

We know that something is better than nothing. So let's start speaks English immediately.
Do not hesitate to speak English. Even if we are wrong we should not give-up immediately and distract. This will demotivate us. So, Keep learning.


There is two different between a winner and a looser because winner convert into practice after understanding but looser do practice after understanding this will make him to forget after certain duration of time.

Try to talk with native English speaker because they will not make a fond of your English.
If you want to learn English language work in a place where English speaking is give a top priority.

Interaction is the most to learn english.Do not give important to those people who are back of you and make your English as fun.Let them go to hell. Do not give more important to those people because they are jealous about your perfection and advancement.

The moment you something into practice either you success or failed, that’s all so continue practicing you will definitely reach to your goal of learning English Language.

There is a one proverb that "Practice makes perfect" 
"After a long time of practicing, our work become natural, skillful swift and steady" Bruce Lee
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