MBS Exam schedule -Exam Schedule of Master first Year 2076

MBS Exam schedule-Exam Schedule of  Master First Year 2076

MBS Exam schedule -Exam Schedule of  Master Level First Year 2075 has been published in 2076/02/07. Tuesday,May 21st, 2019
MBS Exam schedule -Exam Schedule of Master first Year 2076

Tribhuvan University
Exam Controller Office, Balkhu, Kathmandu
Tribhuvan University, Exam Controller Office, Balkhu, Kathmandu Has Published. Yearly course exam of MBS 1st Year 2075 to held the exam in 2076 B.S. Exam schedule/routine is for the regular and partial students yearly Based Masters. This schedule is published to all the students related to this exam. Examination schedule are for various faculties Humanities, Education, Management and Public Administration. But, we have only given routine of MBS (New Course) 1st Year.The full routine of exam is published as following :

Exam Date 2076 B.S.  12th Ashad
Exam Time : Day 11:00 AM to 3 : 00 PM 

Exam Date                                          Subject
2076-03-12      MBS (New Course) MSC 501 -  Research Methodology and Statistical Methods
2076-03-30      MBS (New Course) ECO 503 -Business Economics
2076-03-02   MBS(New Course) MGT 504 -Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management
2076-03-04      MBS (New Course) MKT 509 - Marketing Management
2076-03-06      MBS (New Course) FIN 508 -Managerial Finance
2076-03-09      MBS (New Course) Acc 507 -Management Accounting

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Special Notice for the Exam :

All the partial students from different faculties management, humanities, education and Public Administration who have not fill up form till now are informed to fill form in double amount  till 2076/02/16 B.S.Also those Private(regular and Partial) students who have not filled up form till now are informed to fill up form by the end of 2076/02/16 B.S

Further more informations visible:

  1.  Those Students will not come to appear exam on the above date will not get any special another date for their examination.
  2. Exam date there will not be  change even if here is any uncertain holiday come to appear until there is any further notice from Tribhuvan University Controller of Exam Office.
  3. If your any subject is crossed or unable to attain from the 7 days of notice published in Gorkhapatra you should inform it to Tribhuvan University, office of controller of examination. 
  4. For the practical exam please contact your Respective College. 
  5.  All the required graph, calculator, voucher, chart, Log table, etc should be brought by students themselves and take inadvance approvement from respective exam center head.
  6. After the completion theoretical exam practical exam obtained marks of students should be sent to office of controller of examination within one month.
  7. Extremely prohibited devices inside exam hall are mobile, smart watch, smartphones, Digital Diary. If this types of devices are brought in exam center then exam center head will seize all the above devices.
  8. Students should give exam only in their own subject on which they have filled their exam form. 
  9. For Disabled or Handicapped or other diseased suffered students who are unable to write with their own hand will be provided with another person to help them to write in the exam. 
  10. If any students is found to attending their exam in another exam center on which they are not allowed then their exam will be disqualified. 
For further Detail you have been provided with the exam schedule below.
MBS Exam schedule -Exam Schedule of Master first Year 2076

If you have any confusion with the above notice you can comment in the comment section below.

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