Mahapurush Movie Box Office Collection 2022| Budget, Casts, 51 Days Celebration

Mahapurush Box Office Collection:- Latest movie "Mahapurush" of lagendary artist Haribansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha has been released worldwide on 28th October 2022 (11th Kartik, 2079), Friday. Mahapurush movie day-wise box office collection, budget, cast and lifetime collection is here to read.

Mahapurush Box Office Collection
Mahapurush Movie 2022 Collection

The Nepali movie Mahapurush produced by Max Dipesh Khatri has been casts by Madan Krishna Shrestha, Haribansha Acharya, Gauri Malla, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rajaram Paudel, Arun Chhetri, Anjana Baraili, Siru Bista, Kopila Thapa, Shikha Tamang, Kabita Shrestha, Naresh Paudel, Narendra kangsakar, Sabin Bastola Arjun Acharya, Suman Rimal, Madav Adhikari, Prakash Bhattarai, Ghanu Joshi, Prem Pandey, Samyak Singh Baniya, Bhibhiyana Thapaliya, Jagdish Adhikari, J.B Ruwali and Prajjwol Luitel.

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Mahapurush Movie Budget

Mahapurush is the medium budget movie written/directed by Pradip Bhattarai is NPR 2 Crores approx. This shows that it needs to do the collection of more than NPR Rs. 4 Crores gross amount. Mahapurush already earned 1 Crores by selling digital rights in USA and Australia. 

1st Day Mahapurush Collection

With good advance booking Mahapurush movie released in more than 110 screens and 40 multiplex screens after Bhai tika on 2079 is doing a bumper collection in the first day. In the day 1 more than NPR Rs. 1 Crore gross amount collection has been done by the movie. The word of mouth have come very positive from the audience. 

The review from the audience to Mahapurush movie is 5 out of 5. More than 90 percent occupancy in multiplex and 60 percent of occupancy in the single stream. Most of the shows are houseful.


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2nd Day Mahapurush Collection

 All the shows in the morning are houseful even in day 2. The advance booking is very good because today is holiday. On an average Multiplex and QFX shows are running with 80 percent from morning to night shows. Mahapurush collection till now in 2nd day is more than NPR Rs. 1 Crore 47 Lakhs gross amount. 

Tomorrow is also holiday so we can expect more than this. The acting and presentation of the movie has attracted the audience to walk to the cinema hall. Also the trailer has also been highly appreciated by the audience. 

3rd Day Mahapurush Collection

Audience are praising Mahapurush movie of Haribansha Acharya. Within 3rd day it is able to collect production budget. Today with more than 90 percent occupancy. This movie is able to win the heart of audience. Audience are enjoying this movie very deeply. Today in the day 3 it has earned more than NPR Rs. 80 Lakhs gross amount. 


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The three days Mahapurush movie official box office collection is NPR Rs. 3 Crores 27 Lakhs ( Rs. 327 Million). There are still some screens collection to be counted which could cross NPR Rs. 3 Crores 30 Lakhs ( Rs. 330 Million) gross amount.

4th Day Mahapurush Collection

Mahapurush movie has completed day 4 from today. Let us know the 4th day collection occupancy of this movie. Today average occupancy in QFX and Multiplex is 70 percent and single stream is 40 percent. Due to good occupancy collection in day 4 is NPR Rs. 35 Lakhs gross amount.

Mahapurush Digital Right Sold

Mahapurush Mahapurush digital  MSM Event Australia and Nepal 11 Entertainment LLC America. In America Mahapurush has been screened in more than 30 shows. 


The ticket for watching Mahapurush Movie in Australia for the audience from different province is available through MSM Event App


Mahapurush movie has been released worldwide in Nepal, Australia, USA, Japan, South Korea, Europe and Middle East countries on October 28, 2022, Friday.


Mahapurush movie digital right sold in Australia and USA for Rs. 5 Million each and accumulated Rs. 10 Million (NPR Rs. 1 Crore).


Mahapurush Movie Total Collection

The comedy genre movie Mahapurush total collection is available of NPR Rs. 104.2 Million (10 Crores 42 Lakhs) gross amount in the box office till the end of 37 days which is 6th week. In the first week 4 crores 56 Lakhs and Rs. 2 Crores 83 Lakhs gross amount in 2nd week. The total collection is to increase day day in the coming days. It is still too early to share lifetime collection of this movie. 

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In the 31 days lifetime worldwide collection of Mahapurush is more than NPR Rs. 10 Crores 70 Lakhs gross amount. It has become the second highest grossing Nepalimovie after Kabaddi 4 in 2022. This movie is Blockbuster in the box office as it has collected huge amount in the opening day. The advance booking are very good. 


Celebrating 51 days Haribansha Acharya published the total collection of 10 crores 70 Lakhs in 51 days by Mahapurush movie on December 18, 2022, Saturday and conveyed the message this all due to love and respect of audience. The total NPR Rs. 10 Crores 73 is the lifetime collection of Mahapurush movie. 



In the opening day Mahapurush movie has earned more than opening collection of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura of comedian Santosh Pant. We know that the film of legend is going to hit in the box office. If you havent watched this movie than you should watch both of these movies. 


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