Lakhey Movie (2022) Box Office Collection |Daywise Earning| Budget, Casts, Wikipedia

Lakhey Movie Box Office Collection:- We are here with Saugat Malla movie Action/Thriller/Drama in the Nepali Film Industry in 2022. We are sharing you Lakhe movie Day-wise box office collection, casts, Production budget, Total Collection and hit or flop in the box office in detail.
Lakhey Movie Box Office Collection
Lakhey Movie 2022 Collection

Lakhey movie in the presents of Aurion Production & Global Media and Research Center is the action thriller movie with length 2 hours 14 min in the direction of Samrat Basnet with star casts: Saugat Malla, Barsha Raut, Arpan Thapa, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Aaryan Adhikari and more artists. 

Lakhey movie producers are Season Aryal, G.M. Thakuri & DP Bhandari and Hari Malla Thakuri is the Executive Producer to make the film successful the release in the cinema hall.Lakhey movie Release Date is November 4 2022, Friday (18th Kartik, 2079) all over the Nepal.

The casts in Lakhey movie are Arpan Thapa, Aaryan Adhikari, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Barsha Raut, Sushil Sitaula, Prashant Tamrakar, Rohit Rumba, Sanjog Rana, Rakshya Budathoki, System Bhandari, Sagun Tandukar. 

Lakhey story review: This the story of a family whose professional and family life has been completely ruined by the boss. Sameer Maharjan show is the important character believes that Lakhey worship on Indra Jatra is the good to protect the community whose life is in the obstacles. Also, Lakhey is the god character who dance on Indra Jatra festival.The climex and action is the best part of the movie.

Lakhey Movie Budget

The Budget of Action/Drama Nepali Lakhey movie production budget is more than NPR Rs. 1 Crore 50 Lakhs (Rs. 15 Million) medium budget movie. The interesting fact is movie lakhey spent 16 min stunts and new vehicles of Mustang cost Rs. 40 Lakhs for 10 min scene and the set of Jail which has been designed for the first time in Nepali film cost Rs. 20 Lakhs. The advance booking of Lakhey movie is not as expected which shows walking audience to watch movie in the Cinema Hall.

This decide that this movie will hit or flop in the Box office as it needs to Collect at least NPR Rs. 2 Crores 50 Lakhs (Rs. 25 Million). Lets see in the coming days box office below to know whether this collect the budget amount or not. 


Lakhey Movie Day 1 Collection

In the 1st day it could not get good numbers of shows as a result of low promotion among the audience. Due to low advance booking in the first day Lakhey movie morning occupancy is only 12 percent while in the day shows 15 percent and night shows with 20 percent occupancy.

In the day 1 Lakhey movie collection is NPR Rs. 10 Lakhs gross amount. This shows that it needs strong word of mouth from the side of audience to get good jump in the collection in the coming days.

Lakhey Movie Day 2 Collection

In the premier shows those who watch the movie give good response to Lakhey team for the successful collection. As this is the multi starred movie the budget is somehow more than medium budget of Nepali movie. 

The occupancy has been increased in the 2nd day with more than 18 percent in the morning, 25 percent at the day shows and 35 percent in the night shows due to positive response from the viewers. With more than 100 percent jump Lakhey movie in the day 2 collection is over NPR Rs. 15 Lakhs gross amount.


Lakhey Movie Day 3 Collection

Lakhe movie is in 3rd day after the release date. It has been released all over the Nepal but the shows are very limited for this movie due to low occupancy is the given shows. 

There is big drop in the day 3 collection of Lakhe movie. Lakhe movie collection today is NPR Rs. 7 Lakhs gross amount in the box office


Lakhey Movie Day 4 Collection

In the Day 4 the collection of Lakhey movie is NPR Rs. 4 Lakhs gross amount with low occupancy. Although there is high fans following of Saugat Malla till now seven movies are flop in the Nepali box office. 


Lakhey Movie Day 5 Collection

With minimum jump Lakhey collected NPR Rs. 6 Lakhs gross collection in 5th day.Only 10 percent occupancy in morning shows, 20 percent occupancy in the day time and in the night time it has only 25 percent occupancy.

Lakhey movie Total/Lifetime Collection

Since, the advance booking has been doubled than 1st day collection we hope that this movie will surely do a good business in the Box office. The total collection of Lakhey movie is NPR Rs. 62 Lakhs (Rs. 6.2 Million) till lifetime and flop in the box office.

This is definite that the collection will increase in the coming days as audience are very happy with action and climax of Lakhey. This will definitely increase the hit numbers of movies after K Ghar K Dera. Saugat Malla has given hit movie Dui Numbari before this movie. You can watch all those movies box office collection just clicking in the movie name. The wikipedia collection of Lakhey movie is Rs. 6.2 Million



After writing lakhey movie box office collection we are always waiting for comment from your side. So, if you haven't yet watched Lakhey or K Ghar K Dera then this is a golden opportunity to enjoy Nepali movie in big screens. Tell us your best part in the movie.  

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