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Shinzo Abe News: Very sad news to hear about the former President of Japan Shinzo Abe that he is no more. let's know in detail about the incident happened with former President Shinzo Abe of Japan. He is has been shot with a gun during speech. 

Shinzo Abe latest News
Shinzo Abe latest News

Actually What happened with Shinzo Abe?

The latest news update on Shinzo Abe is available while he was going for the speech in the Nagasaki Province, Nara City he was shot down. 

Shinzo Abe while delivering speech in front of public in the Munch on 8th July 2022 for the Upper House Election campaign because election is going to held on Thursday this week. The 41 years old Yamagami carrying a black bag and wearing black mask with grey-brownish T-Shirt waiting for this incidence.

After delivering some speech the shooter Yamagami move from his place and shot Shinzo Abe with the gun carried by him inside that black bag. He shoot him on the heart and neck. The security guards immediately recognize him and arrest by downing on the road. After this his gun was also seized by security guards. 

On the other side Shinzo Abe is taken to the hospital for the treatment. As per the report Shinzo Abe health is not good. He has been taken to hospital immediately in helicopter Ambulance. Shinzo Abe is no more according to the latest update.

The china global times first reaction on Shinzo Abe latest news that he has been the victim of current political scenario in Japan.



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