PCBL Bonus Tax Payment Using Esewa Account

PCBL Bonus Tax Payment Using Esewa Account: Today We have brought you up an easy way to pay your bonus tax of prime commercial bank using esewa. Hope this information will be very much helpful for you. We will try to tell in various 5 steps

How to pay Prime Bank Bonus Tax Using Esewa

Pcbl bonus Tax Payment Using Esewa Ac
Prime bank bonus tax payment Using Esewa A/c

Full information on how to easily pay your bonus tax amount using esewa to prime bank given account number. You need to definitely load the required amount to esewa amount to use this service. Otherwise it is not possible. 


1. Open esewa Account

Use your password and mobile number to open your esewa account which will easily login to your account


2. Search PCBL Bonus

This is the second step you need just to click on search bar and search "pcbl bonus" Now click on the below scroll written words


3. Fill out the form

You just need to fill out all the information related to tax payment of bonus. Like you need to include your mobile number, Your full name as Anup Baral, your purpose of payment like bonus tax receivable FY 2076-77 in the remarks, Amount of payment, etc.


4. Proceed

After filling out the form you just need to click on proceed button at the left bottom.

5. You will get statement

In the home section of esewa you will see the statement menu. Click on statement menu you will get the latest payment details about the recent payment.


We hope that this information about the prime commercial bank has become helpful to you for the payment of bonus tax to get your bonus share kitta. 


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