Prime Bank Bonus Tax | How to Pay PCBL Bonus Share Tax Using Esewa

Prime Bank Bonus Tax:- Paying Bonus Share Tax of Prime Commercial Bank Limited is super easy and simple. You need to follow some steps and should esewa for payment of bonus tax of PCBL. If you do this then you get your bonus share into your meroshare demat account after some days after the verification of your payment made via. esewa. 

prime bank bonus tax
Bonus Share tax of Prime Bank

Steps for Paying PCBL bonus share tax Online Using Esewa

There are two steps for paying Bonus share tax of Prime Commercial Bank, 

  1. Prime Bank Website
  2. Esewa Website

The detail steps are below explained fully. 


Inside Prime Commercial Bank Website

To know how much tax you need to pay for getting bonus and how much bonus you get after paying certain amount of tax follow the following steps,

  • Firstly Open your desired browser
  • Secondly, type and press enter
  • thirdly, close all the popups notices on prime bank website
  • Forthly, Scroll to the buttom of the website
  • Fifthly, Click on PCBL Dividend Tax
  • Sixthly, in BO_ID section type your Demat Id of 16 digits
  • Finally, you see the amount you need to pay as tax for gaining Bonus share of PCBL 

Esewa Account For Payment  of PCBL Bonus Share Tax

For the payment of amount of Tax using esewa you need to follow the following simple and quick steps,

  • Firstly, In the same browser type
  • Secondly, Login using your user ID as mobile number
  • Thirdly, Load fund using mobile banking, internet banking, cash point, etc
  • Forthly, in the search Bar of esewa website type PCBL Bonus share Tax Collection and press enter in your keyboard
  • Fifthly, Choose the PCBL bonus share tax collection words

Pay Bonus share Tax Using Esewa

  1. Fiscal Year: Type 2077/2078 or Select Latest Fiscal Year
  2. Shareholder Type: Promoter or Public there are two options.
  3. Hold in: It means how you are holding share you have certificate or in demat. If demat select Demat
  4. Name: Your Name in Demat Account or in Share Certificate
  5. BOID: Your 16 Digits Demat ID number starting from 13
  6. Mobile Number: Your Holding mobile number
  7. Total Tax Amount: Amount according to Prime Bank Bonus Tax Check details from website.
  8. Remarks: type your purpose of paying amount

Now, Click on Proceed button you get there bonus tax amount including esewa charges.

Again, Click on Make Payment button

Finally, You are successfull to pay Prime Bank Bonus share Tax Using Esewa Account. 



We hope the simple and detail steps were helpful for you to pay your PCBL bonus share tax using esewa. If you feel any confusion comment us we are always ready. 

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