BBS Exam Routine 2078 | 4 Yrs BBS 3rd Year Exam Schedule 2078

BBS 3rd Year Exam Schedule 2078:- 4 Yrs BBS 3rd Exam Schedule 2078 has been published from the examination controller office of TU to all the students studying in the BBS 3rd Year. This notice is related to TU Management Faculty Notice which has been published in revised version. This is re-noticed to all the students of Management. 

3 years bbs exam schedule
BBS exam Schedule 2078

4 Yrs BBS 3rd Exam Routine 2078 Notice

You all students are informed to confirm your subject in which you are going to attend your BBS 3rd Examination 2078 according to the schedule. Don't go for the notices of other faculty students if you are the student of Management faculty.


Exam Time of BBS 3rd Yer 2078

BBS exam start in the afternoon and also end the exam in the afternoon right after the exam has been started. This exam will last long for three hours in every exam date.

Exam Starting Time: Afternoon 12:00 PM

Exam Ending Time: Afternoon 3:00 PM


Full Exam Schedule of BBS 3rd Year 2078

2078/12/28 Mgt. 217 Business Environment & Strategic Management

2078/12/30 Mgt. 204 Business Law

2079/01/04 Mgt. 215 Fundamental of Financial Management

2079/01/06 Mgt. 219 Organizational Behavior

2079/01/08 Mgt. 218 Fundamentals of Taxation & Auditing


Rules Regarding the BBS 3rd Year Exam

  1. Bring Chart and other material pen, scale, graph required in the exam hall.
  2. Don't Bring Digital watch, macbook, digital diary, smartphone in the exam hall.
  3. Contact your college for practical exam on time
  4. If you are not present in the above exam schedule then there no other ways to attend your exam this year. 
  5. Confirm your exam subject codes before attending any of our exam subject. 
  6. Maintain the disciplinary environment during the examination hours
  7. If you don't like to stay for 3 hours in the exam hall then you may leave even after 1 hours of starting of exam. 
  8. Make the confirmation about your exam center before attending the exam scheduled above. 
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