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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal:- Top 16 Jobs in Nepal before this Along with the revolutionary step taken in the section of technology, it's also brought a radical change in business. Nepalese who weren't aware of online shopping only some years ago are drawn to e-commerce platforms lately.This has changed the way of business in a drastic way. 

top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal

Moreover, thanks to the epidemic of corona virus, the e-commerce business has increased because of the ban and ban. Not only the businesses that are operating for a protracted time but also the businesses that have started within the midst of lock-down do good business.

Customers who head to the shop and buy goods on a routine have now started choosing goods on the mobile app and website of the eCommerce company. the quantity of online shopping customers has increased as they will easily order by comparing the brand and price they're trying to find.
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Not only that, because the market of e-commerce is growing in Nepal, companies with foreign names have also expanded their services together with Nepali companies. Recently, Flipkart has started the service unitedly with Nepali company Sasto Deal. Earlier, Chinese company Alibaba was also doing business together with Daraj.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

 In this news, we are giving information about 10 most well-liked e-commerce companies in Nepal.

1) Daraz

daraz online shopping

The most popular online shopping site in Nepal is determined as Daraz. Chinese company Alibaba has been providing online service in South Asia. Different countries such Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh are jointly providing service through

The daraz contain electronics and home goods. All above countries customers can book their favorite items online with the help of daraz. Daraz has been giving discounts on various items during different festivals and occasion. Customers can order goods at through Daraz Mobile app or internet browser by logging in to selecting the items they like. Shopping from home has been easy now.

The company has been charging minimum Rs 50 per piece and maximum price goes on increases according to the location and items ordered.

2) Hamro Bazar

hamro bazar online shopping
online shopping

Another site that has been operating for an extended time is it's become a simple thanks to buy and sell second user goods online. In our market, you'll buy and sell old goods, rent rooms, buy and sell land and buy and sell all the products of electronics and automobiles.

Its main feature is that you simply don't should move to the market to sell goods. By opening an account in our market, goods is sold with full details. Similarly, when buying goods, a deal will be made by talking on to the vendor.

3) Sasto Deal

online shopping

Sasto deals also are a reliable thanks to order goods online. With Sasto deals, customers can order the mandatory items reception. Mobiles accessories, computer, laptop, different hardware, software, refrigerators, watches, smart watches, home appliances and other electronics are available at sasto deals. Similarly, various brands of casual, party wear, jugging, house shoes, clothes and other goods produced need for Nepalese are available in sasto deal. .

The company has been arranging attractive discounts on the products available within the company during the festival targeting the festival. the corporate, which has been expanding its services from Tripureshwor to Kathmandu in a private company name, also charges a charge for delivering goods to customers according to distance and location.

The company has recently partnered with foreign company Flipkart to extend investment in commission expansion. Now customers also will get Indian goods easily and therefore the company has also added variety to the service.

4) Gyapu

gyapu online shopping

The company had started its business on the third day of the shutdown last April. the corporate, which has managed to try to to good business in a very short period of your time and win the hearts of everyone, has also diversified its services in recent times. the corporate, which has an investment of around Rs 100 million, has been able to benefit business by delivering goods including groceries during the lock-down and ban. Gyapu Online, which has become very talked-about in recent times, is that the preferred company in recent times. the corporate has recently started selling the products together with Civil Mall. Gyapu accepts payments from all kinds of national and international payment gateways.

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muncha online shopping

Muncha, which has been providing services through department shops since 2000, is accustomed order items from home. the corporate said that various brands of household electronics, from children's toys to youth clothes, sports goods and even lunch will be booked online.

Muncha has also been providing special festival packages at the time of festival. For delivery, the muncha charges in line with its rules. Muncha is additionally the primary online shopping site in Nepal.

6) Thulo

Thulo online shopping

Thulo is a web company that sells various brands of products produced in Nepal. Thulo has been selling its products online together with various companies in Nepal. the corporate, which has been providing continuous service from Jwagal of Lalitpur since 2007, has been selling many brands from small to large in Nepal. the corporate has stated that the products are often sold easily by collaborating with Thulo.

Thulo has everything from Samsung, CG and residential electronics to automobiles. Customers can book goods in 1000 categories like electronics, men wear, women wear, home appliances, online through Thulo at the door step.

Thulo has over 100 stores. Customers can use e-banking, open-end credit and mobile banking for online purchases. Entrepreneurs are required to affix the corporate

7. Foodmandu

Foodmandu online shopping

Foodmandu is another different form of online shopping. Foodmandu has become a straightforward thanks to dine in the midst of human busyness. People can easily get the food they need by ordering it from Foodmandu. the corporate has been providing various forms of food available in various restaurants in a straightforward way reception office.

This online platform is additionally the primary online food preparation. Food will be ordered from the mobile app or online. If you order any lunch, you'll be able to get delicious food within the office or reception in about 30 to 45 minutes betting on the place. it's been providing service only within the road of the valley. additionally, customers can make payments through e-services.


8) Metrotarkari

metro online shopping

Established in 2012 with a replacement concept within the Nepali market, Metrotarkari has become a straightforward way for housewives. MetroTarkari is that the first online store in Nepal to supply groceries.
This online has been providing all the mandatory ingredients within the kitchen reception. People should run to the marketplace for hours to shop for vegetables and fruits. Taking this case into consideration, MetroTarkari has started with the target of providing door-to-door service, the corporate said.

The company, which has been providing services from Pulchowk Lalitpur, can order all vegetables, pulses, meat, dairy products, pickles and fruits PRN. Spending it slow ordering online has become some way to urge clean, fresh vegetables and fruits reception.

This online business has been providing services only within the ring roads of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. Similarly, there's a rendezvous to send goods to Sanga and Thankot but it's necessary to shop for quite Rs 4,000.

9) Gajabko

gajabko online shopping

You can also buy various items in the categories such as electronics, men, women, baby & Kids, Home & office, groceries, healthy & Safety, Gift and teej Offer through gajabko online shopping website. Gajabko was established on 2016 and started 

The Head office of Gajabko is situated in Kathmandu, Anamnagar, Kumari Marg. 

10) Smart Doko

smart doko online shopping

Another such online platform is SmartDoko. SmartDoko has also been delivering goods at cheap prices and fast. Founded in 2015 by IMS Group Company, SmartDoko is transporting various items like soaps, sanitizers, masks, mobile and electronic items, baby items, cooking utensils, computers and gaming, home appliances, cakes, liquids, juices and alcoholic beverages.

This online has all the mandatory materials for home and office. If any items are needed, they will be ordered online and from the mobile app.

SmartDoko has been providing services with various discounts on various festivals. It may also be accustomed acquire debit cards and e-services. This online also charges delivery in line with the products. 



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