16 best Jobs in Nepal|16 job in Nepal to become rich

16 best Jobs in Nepal: Today we are going to share you best 16 jobs that make you rich within short period of time. We know that Nepal is a country that is slowly emerging and trying to move forward on the path of rapid economic development. There are lots of opportunity in different sectors like education, hotel, service, infrastructure sectors, etc. Employment creation in Nepal has been increasing for the past few years.
16 best Jobs in Nepal
16 best Jobs in Nepal

Many Nepalese have gone abroad in search of employment as they could not find employment in the country. Nepalese goes abroad in the form of labour which does not help them even to survive their daily life. According to the Department of Foreign Employment, around 1,500 people go for foreign employment daily.

Best Jobs in Nepal that pays you Millions

#1 YouTube

You will have to work for YouTube following all the terms and policies. If you are thinking of becoming YouTube hero and have some special talent upon you then this can be a best platform for Nepali. Your talent can earn huge from YouTube channel. If you don't know about YouTube then know about the tips of YouTube that help you to grow faster.

#2 Financial Manager

The financial manager gets an average monthly salary of Rs. 117,000. The duty are mostly on financial transaction settlement. To get a job in this position, you need to have a master's degree in accounting and finance. Besides, 10-15 years of experience is also required.

#3 Net Developer

The average monthly salary for this job is 110,000. This job requires a diploma study. Similarly, 5 years of experience and net related training is required.

#4 Assistant CEO

This job has the opportunity to earn up to Rs 1 lakh on a monthly average. Two years of experience is enough for this job.

#5 CEO

Full form of CEO is Chief Executive Officer. The CEO of the company is another attractive job. This job costs an average of Rs 1 lakh per month. 13-14 months experience is required for this job.

#6 Physician Generalist

Physicians can earn Rs 85,000 a month in Nepal. But 2 years work experience is required.

#7 Regional Sales Manager:

The Regional Sales Manager has a meager salary of Rs 66,000 in Nepal. For that, the same kind of study and 3 years of skills are required.

#8 General manager

General manager is all-rounder of any company who have the knowledge of every sectors. The salary of a general manager starts from Rs 60,000. 5 years experience is required for this position in corporate house and bank finance.

#9 Project manager

The salary of a project manager is Rs. 50,000 even in Nepal. For that, there should be capacity for monitoring and efficiency in management. For which 5 years experience is required.

#10 Account Manager

The salary of an accounting manager in Nepal starts from Rs 50,000 per month. For that, along with educational qualification, 5 to 10 years of experience is required. Both Government Job and Private job are available as account manager.

#11 Directorship

Single ownership private company have one director and multiple ownership private company have one or more directors and public company have more than 4 directors. There is a post of director in any organization or company. The salary for the post of director starts from Rs 50,000. For which 6 years work experience along with educational qualification is mandatory.

#12 System Analyst

The salary of a system analyst also starts from Rs 50,000. For which 2 to 5 years experience is mandatory.

#13 Architecture

Architect jobs are becoming more important in Nepal. Architects get 50,000 jobs a month as soon as they start. Architects have been earning millions of rupees in Nepal based on their work experience.

#14 Engineer

There are many types of engineers. Nepal Engineer has become more important. The salary starts from Rs 50,000 on the day you start working in Nepal. Some examples, electronic engineer, architecture engineer, etc.

#15 Supply chain manager

The Supply chain managers are more prevalent in large industries and corporate houses. Salary of skilled and experienced chain managers starts from 43 to 45 thousand. Experience is a prerequisite for that.

#16 Web designer

In the digital age, the web is a prerequisite for all companies and individuals. Everyone builds the web of their company and organization. That's why web designers are the busiest job in the world. Who also start their monthly job in Nepal from 41,000. 



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