Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Vacancy New 2022/2079 Apply Now

Nepal Oil Corporation Job Vacancy 2022:- We are here with the latest job vacancy in Government fully owned corporation to the General public. Nepal Oil Corporation Limited(NOCL) is also known as Nepal Aayal Nigam has announced the Job in different post.

Nepal Oil Corporation(NOC) Vacancy 2022
NOC Vacancy 2022/2079

Nepal Oil Corporation Limited the only Oil Distributors of Nepal and fully owned by the Government of Nepal announced wants to fulfill all the vacant post open competition. 

The open competition exam of Nepal Oil Corporation will be taken by Nepal Public Service Commission which is also known as the government body authorized to conduct the government job examination. 

    All the Nepali Citizen who are eligible and eager to settle life by joining the government job till retirement age 65 years old are announced vacancy. This is the permanent job vacancy announced by the Nepal Oil Corporation this year in the notice Number 10/2079-80 published in Nepali Gorkhapatra daily newspaper. 


    Exam dates and other important dates

    There are 21 days to apply for the vacancy of Nepal Oil Corporation Limited (NOC) in regular fee specified in the NOC job vacancy notice. After this you have one week to apply for the job in double fee amount. The date detail is below check it out. 

    NOC Single Application fee date :October 20, 2022 (3rd Kartik, 2079) to November 9, 2022 (23rd Kartik, 2079)

    NOC Double Application Fee Date: November 10, 2022 (24th Kartik, 2079) to November 16, 2022 (30th Kartik 2079)

    Vacancy/ recruitment in Nepal Oil Corporation

    Nepal Oil Corporation has opened vacancy for 22 different job vacancy. Including technical and non-technical 60 seat are available to apply. The vacancy has been announced for both technical and non-technical manpower. Most of the technical manpower are engineer and non-technical manpower are accountant.

    1. Electrical Engineer
    2. Civil Engineer
    3. Accountant
    4. Operator
    5. Technician
    6. Others  

    Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria for different post is different since vacancy has been announced from level less to Level 10. Following are the eligibility criteria for different level of NOC Vacancy 2022.

    Level Less:  If applying for operator then you should have passed BLE exam or Class 8 and one year experience in the related field. Also, If you are applying for technical field then you should have passed T-SLC, SLC securing at least Grade-C including 6 month training and 2 years of work experience. 

    Level 4 Technical:- Candidate should pass T-SLC, SLC or SEE with Grade-C and 1 year training from technical institution or should have work experience of more than 3 years in electrical field. 

    Level 4 Non- Technical:- Candidate should have completed +2 in science in Chemistry subject or same level including chemistry subject. 

    Level 5 Lab:- If candidate is applying for level 5 lab then he/she should have completed bachelor's level in Science stream or same level

    Level 5:- All the candidate applying for the level 5 job should have completed +2 in Science Engineering or Management or same level

    Level 6:- All the candidate should have completed Bachelor level in the related subject except lab. Lab should have completed Master's level for the level 6 job. 

    Level 7:- For the level 7 job candidate should have completed Chartered Accountant level from the authorized Institution. 

    Level 8:- This is the high level of Job so at least 5 years of work experience in government organization or other organization with master's degree in related subject. 

    Level 10:- This is the higher level of job post so at least 7 years of work experience with master's degree in related subject. Here only female eligible to apply.   


    Age Criteria 

    There is age criteria for the candidate who want to apply for the Nepal oil corporation. Up to the last day of application date specified in this notice candidate should cross the following age limit. If your age limit is eligible to apply fro the job of NOC the you can apply immediately. 

    For Level Less candidate should be between 18 years old to 35 years old (18-35 years)

    For Level 6 and 7 candidate age limit is between 21 years old to 35 years old (21-35 years) 

    The maximum age limit for female and differently able people is 40 years old. Female and differently able people should not cross 40 years of age limit.  

    If the candidate is already the staff of Nepal Oil corporation then there is no any age boundary to apply for the job.

    Application fee Detail

    All the candidate of Nepal Oil Corporation open competition exam need to pay the fee specified by Public service commission. While candidate submit the open competition application form should pay through online or offline gateway. 

    • For Level 10 Candidate should to pay Rs. 1,200/-
    • For Level 6, 7 and 8 Candidate should pay Rs. 1,000/- 
    • For Level 5 Candidate should pay Rs. 400/-
    • For Level 4 Candidate should pay Rs. 300/-
    • For Level less Candidate should pay Rs. 200/-  

    If candidate want to apply for more than 1 inclusion then candidate should pay the compulsorily following extra fees:

    • For inclusion/aarachyan Level 6 candidate should pay Rs. 600/- with above fee
    • For inclusion/aarachyan Level 5 candidate should pay Rs. 200/- with above fee
    • For inclusion/aarachyan Level 4 candidate should pay Rs. 150/- with above fee
    • For inclusion/aarachyan Level less candidate should pay Rs. 100/- with above fee

    Double Fee Date and Criteria

    If the candidate is applying for the job paying the double job application fee then double fee application date will not be counted in age criteria. 

    1.  Age will not be counted if you are applying at double fee.
    2. Education taken out from college at the time of double application date this will be disqualified. 
    3. Experience Certificate dated on double fee date will not be counted. 
    Oil Nigam Vacancy 2079

    Document Requirements and Size

    If you want to apply for the job in Nepal Oil Corporation then following documents are most. All the below document should be received before 23rd Kartik 2079 (November 9, 2022) in the regular application date. If you have received on November 10, 2022 (24th Kartik, 2079) or after that then such document are not accepted.

    1. Citizenship or National Identity
    2. Educational Document (Transcript and Character Certificate)
    3. If you have experience Certificate then you must include them
    4. Passport size photos which has been clicked recently
    5. If you have educational document received from international university then the equivalent certificate is most.  
    6. All the Engineers should submit the certificate of Engineering Council
    7.  Chartered Accountant (CA) should provide document provided by CAN or equivalent. 
    8. All the document should be in PNG or JPEG or JPG format with not more than 1MB maximum size. 
    9. Blood Group Card or document 
    10. Right and Left hand Thumb photo
    11. Signature in whitepaper


    Application Process

    There are certain important process for applying the job vacancy of NOC. All the steps should be carefully followed without missing them. Be careful and apply for the job from home. You do not any assistant to apply for this job. Now let's apply for the NOC vacancy application 2022 with few steps. 

    1. Open the Chrome browser because it is fast and convenient for use
    2. Type the following address in the top URL typing section ""
    3. Click on if you are not yet user please click here 
    4. Now you see the instruction while applying for the job. You should have E-mail address, password should be more than 8 characters including capital, symbol and number.
    5. All the * symbol information are important. Type name in English
    6. Fully name in Unicode so convert Preeti to unicode  
    7. Your Current Mobile Number
    8. Type the Email Address. We recommend you to use gmail for Email address 
    9. Type username as best987, or ramag773 include letters and numbers. 
    10. Type password with at least six character like g@laMest58 or Ron*n773. Include Characters, Capital, number and symbol. Roney*n7 and save it securely into device.
    11. Type exact Captcha shown on screen.
    12. Final step to click on register button
    13. Now, find out the NOC mail in your gmail account and click on activate account
    14. Login using the Username and password. 
    15. Click on Apply and fill all the information in three steps
    16. Click Here for date converter very helpful for you
    17. Click on Submit at last then your registration process is completed
    18. Now click on Apply the job you want to apply that match with your qualification  
    19. Again Click on Submit Button to Apply Job
    20. Click on Khalti payment Option and submit your Application

    If you have any confusion while making the payment through Khalti then call toll fee Number 1660058888 and for connectips number call  16600155306

    In the process of submitting the application form for this job then you could directly call for the administrative support in 01-5359548 (Ext. 293, 232 and 290) and for technical support call on 01-5908590 (Ext. 206, 233). 

    Admit card download and print

    The admit card for the open competition exam of Nepal Oil Corporation is available in its official website after you pay the exam fee. It takes some time for th7e verification of documents and payment detail. Immediately after the verification process is completed then you could login to your NOCL website e-recruitment section and download your exam admit card. For this you need to safely keep your username and password in secure place. 

    NOC Job Exam Center

    All the level open competition exam of Nepal Oil Corporation center has been set in Kathmandu District by Lok Sewa Aayog. And Written Exam program will be set after getting the notice from Public Service Commission of Nepal in the specified date.  

    Nepal Oil Corporation Open Competition Syllabus

     If you are searching for the syllabus for the job examination of Nepal Oil Nigam then you could directly visit the official website of Nepal Oil Corporation copying the link

    You Can directly download or print or export them to the excel sheet.Certain steps to download Syllabus of Nepal Oil Corporation. 

    1. Firstly, go to
    2. Click on file with blue color
    3. Save it on your smartphone or Computer 
    4. Read it carefully if it is your syllabus or not.

    Old Question of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) 

     We have collected some old questions of Nepal Oil Corporation open competition. We are sure that this will really help you in the preparation.

    Old Question of Nepal Oil Corporation
    Old Question of Nepal Oil Corporation

    Click for Nepali Oil Corporation Old Questions 

    NOC Exam Day Guidelines

    We also want to share you exam day guidelines or tips because many people don't know when to enter exam hall, exam centers, and requirements for examination

    1. Visit the Exam center by looking at the notice published by Gorkhapatra before one day of exam.
    2.  Enter the Exam Center before one or half an hour before the exam starts
    3. Always wear time watch to manage your time in exam hall
    4. Carry all the instruments like pen, pencil, eraser, scale, calculator and chart paper as per exam requirements.
    5. Read question carefully before answering them
    6. Manage time as per the question marks
    7. Drink small amount of water to get rid out of stress while you are in exam hall. 

    NOC Vacancy Result

    NOC open competition exam result are literally published within 6 months of examination. Since all the exam are conducted by Public Service Commission. There will be a systematic management for publishing the result. The exam result will be published on Gorkhapatra daily newspaper. Don't forget to see Gorkhapatra daily if you participate in the Nepal Oil Corporation job vacancy


    NOC Job Selection Process

    The Nepal Oil Corporation vacant selection process is through open competition and become the permanent government job holder. Candidate who pass the NOC exam are shortlisted by Public Service Commission in number basis out of 100 marks. The selection process is in the following ways.

    1. Preliminary Exam
    2. Post examination after passing preliminary exam
    3. Practical Examination
    4. Interview
    5. On the Job Training for 1 year to female and 6 months to female

    If all the above exams and training period is passed by the candidate then NOC permanent job is fixed till retirement period of 65 years. 


    All the candidate who pass through selection process and written exam are eligible for salary and allowance. The rate of salary will be as per the rule of Government of Nepal. 

    The candidate eligible for the job of Nepal Oil corporation get salary as per the government rule of Nepal. There will be gratitude facility, PF, Dashain Bonus and other different facility. Since this is the government job salary scale is as per the government staff scale. 

    Nepal Oil Corporation Internal Competition Notice 2022

    NOC has published the notice for Internal Competition notice in huge numbers. If you are the permanent employee of Nepal Oil Corporation then don't miss this opportunity. 

    Nepal Oil Corporation Internal Vacancy

    Nepal Oil Nigam Vacancy for Increment 2022

     Nepali oil Nigam has published a notice regarding the increment of employees post to upper level from lower level. If you are the eligible employee then don't miss it. 

    Grade Incement notice of NOC


    Q1. How do I Join NOCL?

    Ans: You can Join NOCL by applying Open Competition job vacancy. 


    Q2. How Much Salary do I get in Nepal Oil Corporation?

    Ans: The salary of NOC employee is as per the government salary scale. 


    Q3. Where does Petrol Comes in Nepal? 

    Ans: In Nepal petroleum oil comes from India, UAE, Indonesia, South Africa and Singapore. 


    Q4. Is Nepal Oil Corporation Government or Private?

    Ans: Nepal Oil Corporation is the fully government owned Corporation and revenue tax is also collected by government itself. This is some kind of controversy to collect revenue and tax.   


    Q5. Why is Nepal Oil Corportaion in Loss?

    Ans: Nepal Oil Corporation main reason of Loss is it has to pay more than 58 percent of tax to the government and subsidy has been given to the public while distributing all over Nepal. 



    After completing the examination of Nepal Oil corporation don't forget to share your question paper for the reference to the link We are ready to publish all your questions. We hope that this information of Latest job vacancy in Nepal Oil Corporation help you a lot in preparation and application process. 

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