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TOP 5 Chrome Extension for website:- Today in this article we are going to share you some important SEO related google chrome extension which will be very helpful if you are blogger or website owner. Extensions are at free of cost you need not pay any cost for this extension. So enjoy using super extension and rank your website faster in google first page. 

top 5 chrome extension for website
TOP 5 Chrome extensions

For example, if we want to rewrite other websites articles which are made non-copyable by using different codes and word-press plugins.  


TOP 5 Best Chrome Extension For websites 

Let's now discuss on the top 5 helpful chrome extension if you own website. To earn more and make your website more professional all these extensions will very helpful for you to grow more.

#1. Page Analytics (By Google)

Go to the google chrome and click on the left side corner below refresh button, home to Apps. After you click on web store you need to search for Page Analytics which is offered at free of cost by google. Now click on that extension and install it and add to your chrome browser. 

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Benefits of installing page analytics extension

a. Page-views

Total pages views on your website can be determined 

b. Unique Page-views

Unique people visiting your website can be determined in the graph 

c. Average time in page

Average time visitors have spent on your website according to the date determined by you. 


d. Bounce Rate

 Increase or decrease in the rate of bounce of your website in terms of traffic. Percentage is shown

e. % exit

This is shown in the average percentage form and it will also show increased rate and decreased rate according to the date and time specified us.  

f. Real Time Traffic

It shows the real time traffic means currently how many visitors are stick to our website and enjoying our content.

g. Date customization

We can customize the date in between the date wen want to show all the above data such as bounce rate, real time traffic, exit percent, unique page-view, page-view. It is in the format of year, month and day, week, etc.


#2. Simple Allow Copy

This is really a great extension if you want to copy any of the website content which has been made non-copyable. After we install the extension and open any website which contents are made non-copyable then this extension helps us to copy all the contents easily.  

#3. Seo Quake

 We can get all details such as domain age, average visit, alexa ranking, bounce rate, total internal links, external links, total backlinks and many more. For this you can check this seo by installing on your chrome browser. 


#4. I'm a Gentleman

When we install this extension and go to the google images or other images then we drag the image we want to download. After dragging on any place of our screen of laptop or computer it will be automatically downloaded. 

Not only this much it will also download all the images that are shown on the screen after clicking on this gentleman extension.

#5. Screencastify-Screen Video Recorder

 Logo is crimson background with white text written as screencastify setup. 

After installing this extension we need to login as google. We can directly save our screen recorded video to google drive or disable this option. Now, click next.

We can allow or disallow our camera, microphone and even allow drawing and annotation tools.  Now click next. 

Note: We think these are most important seo extension your are searching for.

At final step, it will ask for the permission to allow then we need to allow the app. 

For recording click on the extension screencastify. We can record the desktop screen, browser tab and webcam only. We can allow microphone for external sound. then we can record it easily 



We are also going to write some more about this topic in another article because we don't want to make it longer to make the readers feel boring. We always look forward to our viewers and reader. If want more about Search Engine Optimization then you can visit to our SEO related articles. 

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