Image optimization SEO -Optimize images for blogger websites

Image optimization SEO -Optimize images for blogger websites

Image optimization SEO - How to Optimize Images for blogger website is very difficult in the blogger website. Many websites are suggesting a different website for optimizing images for the web. Here we are not going to talk about any website. We are talking about an offline method to optimize the image.
Image optimization SEO -Optimize images for blogger websites
Image optimization SEO -Optimize images for blogger websites

Image optimization SEO 

We know for the search engine optimization for every article is very important. The article you write should be SEO friendly. We will be unable to rank our article if we are unable to optimize our article. So, let's talk about how can we optimize our images. There are various steps to optimize our images.

* 1 Image Design :

For designing our image we can use Photoshop which is best for any people. It is also popular and most widely used image editing software. 

* 2 Image size:

As we are talking about blogger website we want to recommend you that do not design image size greater than 650 Pixel/Width and 400 Pixel/height image. But you can increase your height size according to need.

* 3 Perform While saving/Image alt tag:

  • When you are saving your image in photoshop firstly click on save as.
  • After this, you need to reopen you photoshop and again go to File, click open and choose your image.
  • Again for saving images perform ctrl+alt+Shift+S simultaneously.
  • Do not make any changes.
  • click on save at the top right.
  • Give the name of your image exactly as the main keyword of your article.

If you want to further optimize your image after the above steps then follow 

* 3.1 Convert to Webp Image

  • Visit the website website. 
  • In the website click under option and just type 70 using the keyboard. 
  • Now drag your image or find the location of your image created from anywhere.
  • Finally, your image is ready to upload into your article. 

* 3 Filling details of an image:

After our image has been created we need to give details of an image. just right click with the mouse on the image and go to details. Fill up all the details.  Give the title of the image exactly to the keyword, name of image, tags, author, etc.

* 4 Uploading:

There is an image icon in our post section. When we move our mouse cursor it is written as insert image.

* 5 Image size:

After uploading your image resize your image to original size. Do not make your image smaller or bigger than it's the original size. Keep it original and unique.

* 6 Image properties:

  • Provide an appropriate title to the image according to your article title text.
  • Below title type alt text of your article main keyword that is at the beginning of your article/post title.

* 7 Add Caption:

The caption is also important for image optimization in blogger so we need to give or add the caption to the image of any post.

Finally, your image has been optimized 100% for SEO friendly article/post in blogger which definitely impact the ranking of our website or blog.


We hope that all the above 7 stars (7*) steps help you all in optimizing your image in blogger. Lastly, if you have any confusion regarding this topic then you can comment below we will try to follow up your comments. 
Thank you
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