How to get AdSense approved fast - 1 month Adsense approved

How to get Adsense approved fast- 1 month Adsense approved

How to get Adsense approved fast in blogger 1 Month Adsense approved. Many people raise about Adsense approval topic. Every people want passive earning. We know that passive earning can be done through online, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

How to get AdSense approved fastWe are not going to talk about any other passive online earning method. We talk about Google Adsense. We know that Google Adsense is an earning platform from where we can earn by publishing serving ads on our website.

 So today we will tell you how to get AdSense approved fast in blogger within one month. We also know that the criteria for getting approval for Adsense in the site must be active for at least 6 months, write at least more than 20 unique articles Simple and readable. Ok, let's start a complete process.

1. What Domain level is best?

  1. If you want to get AdSense approval in the first month then
  2. don't use like jalmi .tk, jalmi .cf, jalmi .ml, jalmi .ga, jalmi .gq etc.
  3. Use top-level of Domain Name.
  4. Use domain name according to country shortcut name like .np Nepali domain, in the Indian domain, .au Australian domain, .com is the best, etc
  5. If you don't have domains mentioned in no 2 then you can use default subdomain provided by the blogger as Blogspot.
We also want to suggest you that don't create domain according to only one niche like technology, education, WhatsApp, images, Diwali, etc. Create a domain in your own name.

2. Create Compulsory pages

If you are thinking to become a successful blogger then you must compulsorily have following pages.

1. About Us/ About me (write it by yourself)

Tell about yourself and your website objectives. Also, tell things that viewers can get from your website. 

2. Contact Us/Contact

Contact means that will be helpful for viewers to get in touch. 

3. Disclaimers 

(You can generate and edit as per your need)

4. Privacy policy

If you don't know how to make the above pages then visit our pages and make it according to your website.

3. How many posts should we Write?

  1. You need to to create a minimum of 20 posts.
  2. It is better if you write more than 20 posts.
  3. Write all the unique post according to your knowledge.
  4. Write every post with a minimum of 300 words.
There comes errors while crawling website url in the blogger so we could solve crawler problem by solving the issue of m=1 error

4. What type of posts can be easily ranked on google?

  1. First, write your post in simple which gives full meaning.
  2. Don't use post with vast and complex words.
  3. Add h1 header tags to your post.
  4. The TItle is necessary or mandatory for every post.
  5. A title should be linked with a focused keyword.
  6. Write a focused keyword at the beginning of your post first paragraph.
  7. Also, give subtitles to your post titles that make your post more interesting.
  8. Write your post with small and many paragraphs.

5. How to manage Images in blogger posts?

  1. We want to recommend you that don't use too large images in your post.
  2. Use Photoshop or different website to compress your large images without losing image quality.
  3. Give a name to your image according to your page title focused keyword.
  4. Give focused keyword in your image alt tag.
  5. Before uploading images to your post edit the details of your image and fill all the details.
  6. Use at least 1 image
  7. We don't recommend you to use more than 3 images in your post.

6. What is the perfect keyword Density length for a single post?

Keyword density means a percentage (% ) of a focused keyword in your post. Suppose you have written 500 words article and your focused keywords have five(5) words then best times to use a focused keyword is 4 times and that will be 4%. 


All the above things are basic requirements for getting your Adsense account approval within one month and earn right after a month. We will also update in future according to future needs. Before concluding if you have any confusion and need help then don't forget to comment below. 

Thank you
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