BSc first year exam routine- 4 yrs BSc 1st year Exam 2076

BSc First Year Exam Routine- 4 yrs BSc 1st year Exam 2076

BSc First Year Exam Routine- 4 yrs BSc 1st year Exam Schedule 2076 for Science faculty of students. This is a bachelor degree-level study. Bachelor in Science First year exam routine has been published by Tribhuvan University for the Year 2076.

Four years B.Sc. 1st Year routine has been published to those students who have filled the form for appearing in the BSc 1st year in 2076 B.S.
BSc first year exam routine

BSc first year routine Full Details 

This notice has been published in Gorkhapatra National Daily.

Newspaper Published date:  Shrawan 8th 2076

Exam Starting Date: Bhadra 20th, 2076 B.S.

Exam Ending Date: Aswin 7th, 2076 B.S. 

Exam Time 

Day 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM 

 Full Exam Schedule: 

Exam Date   Exam Code Subject
↪2076-05-20    - 101      - Chemistry
↪2076-05-23    - 101      - Mathematics/Botany
↪2076-05-25    - 101      - Environment Science/Meteorology
↪2076-05-29    - 101      - Physics
↪2076-05-31     - 101      - Geology/                                        
                              - 101      - Computer Science
↪2076-06-02    - 101      - Scientific Communication
↪2076-06-05    - 102      - Mathematics/                                          
                              - 101      - Microbiology
↪2076-06-07    - 101      - Statistics/Zoology

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Exam Centre [CLICK HERE

Some Rules of Examination

  1. Absent students are not given another chance to appear in the same exam this year.
  2. Exam Schedule will not change if there is any sudden holiday by the strike or any other occasion unless pre-noticed by TU.
  3. If the exam schedule of any student is overlapped then contact TU within 7 days of a notice published in Gorkhapatra National daily. 
  4. Contact your Campus for practical Exam. 
  5. All the Utensils at the time of the examination should be bought by students. Graph, vouchers, paper, scale, chart, Log table, etc. 
  6. Students should appear in the examination for which they have filled the form.  
  7. Related Campus should send practical mark sheet within 1 month of theory exam ended. 
  8. Mobile, Digital Calculator, Digital Watches are not allowed in the examination hall otherwise it will be seized. 
  9. Disabled students appearing in the exam are given more priority. For 100 Full mark extra 1 hour is added and for 50 full mark subject half an hour, extra time is added. 
  10. The provision for changing Exam Center has been removed by TU. 


This notice is for 4 years BSc students. We hope that this schedule will help for the students searching for exam schedule which is going to be held in 2076 B.S. We also want to inform you that don't forget to share this information to your friends as well.  For further information, you can also visit the Tribhuvan University Website.

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