BA Exam Routine 2076 - 3 Years BA 1st Year Exam routine 2076

BA Exam routine 2076 - 3 Years BA 1st Year Exam routine 2076

BA Exam Routine 2076 - 3 Years BA 1st Year Exam routine 2076 has been published by Tribhuvan University. All the students of 3 years B.A. First Year are announced to appear in the examination. Students who are regular private ( Partial and Full) are noticed provided with this notice. Exam schedule of Tribhuvan University in Gorkhapatra on  Shrawan 8th, 2076 and B.A Exam is going to Held on Bhadra 20th, 2076
BA Exam Routine 2076 - 3 Years BA 1st Year Exam routine 2076
3 Years BA 1st Year Exam routine 2076
Exam Routine of all the faculties such as Management, Science, Humanities, Education and Art for Bachelor 1st year has been published on the same date mentioned (Shrawan 8th, 2076).

In this section, we are only providing you with a routine that is related to 3 Years B.A. 1st year exam routine 2076

Exam Routine of B.A 2076 Detail 

Schedule Published: Shrawan 8th 2076,
Exam Start Date: Bhadra 20th, 2076
Exam End Date: Aswin 7th, 2076 
Exam Time: Day 12:00 PM to 3: 00 PM  

Exam Date                 Subject
2076-05-20 - 201 - C. English /
                        - 311 - F.S.C English
2076-05-23  - M. Geography/Buddhist Studies/M. Linguistic/M. History/
                        - 311 - M.Culture 
                        - 315 - F.S. Basic Films Theory
2076-05-25  -311 - M. Economics/
                        - M. Music/M. psychology/M. Journalism/M.Dance/M. Pop. Studies/
                        - 311 - R. D.,
                        - 313 - F.S.C. History 
2076-05-29 - 311 - M. Statistics/ 
                        - 311 - M. Mathematics/
                        - 314 - F.S. History Film/ 
                        - 311 - M Pol. Sci. 
2076-05-31 - M. Sociology/Anthropology/M. Philosophy/
                        - 311- M.Social Work/
                        - So 401- Introduction to Sociology/
                        - An 311- Foundation in Anthropology
2076-06-02 - C. Nepali/
                        - 301-Alt. Eng./
                        - 312- F. SC. Nepali
2076-06-05 - 312- M mathematics 
2076-06-07 - M. English/Nepali/Hindi/Nepal Bhasha/Sanskrit/
                        - 311 - Maithili 

 More Detail if you want to download, you have been provided with the exam Exam Routine of B.A. 3 Years BBS 1st year 2076 below exam to held from Bhadra 20th, 2076 B.S.
2076 BA routine
3 Years Exam Routine 2076 BA Full
Also, This is to be informed to all the students that before going to appear in the examination you must confirm in which code and subject your giving exam. TU has written that it is not liable for the mistake done by a student. Give exam to only your subject code.

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