India vs Nepal - SAFF U-15 Championship Final India vs Nepal

India vs Nepal - SAFF U-15 Championship Final India vs Nepal

India vs Nepal - SAFF U-15 Championship football Final 2019 to be held on August 31st, 2019 Saturday in Kalyani Stadium situated in Kalyani in the West Bengal State of India. Nepal and India are the neighbouring countries that are attached to each other. 26 times bigger Indian U-15 teams are playing their final against Nepal in their home ground. The home ground of India will definitely build pressure on Nepal and the benefit will be there for Indian teams.
India vs Nepal
India vs Nepal - Saff U-15 Championship Final

Saff U-15 Championship 2019 Details

Altogether total numbers of goals scored by all the National teams are 53 goals. The number of matches played is 10 excluding the final.

Top goal scorer is Himanshu Jangra from India.

India is only a team which remained undefeated in the round game and advanced to final to play against Nepal which has been defeated with Only India.

Countries participated in SAFF U-15 Championship are Nepal, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Bhutan is only a country which has been eliminated without winning any game. In four games Bhutan bears four losses.

Saff U-15 Championship Final

Nepal and India have advanced to final. Nepal beat Bhutan scoring half dozen goal and India scored 5 goals against Bangladesh to advance to the final.

India vs Nepal Live Time, Date & Place

Date of Kick-off: August 31st, 2019
Place: Kalyani Stadium, India
Time of Kick off: NPT 03:15 PM

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Nepal U-15 teams have already lost against India in their first match with a big difference. Nepal was unable to score a goal against India. The lost was huge for Nepali teams. Nepal scored 0 (zero) goal and India scored 5 (five) goals. This means that there is more to do for Nepali teams to win the final.

Top goal scorer for Nepali Team is Pradip Lamsal. He scored 3 goals for Nepal.

Nepal's Playing XI Team 
  • Goal Keeper: Manoj Dahal
  • Defender: Ajay Chaudhary, Roshan Thapa, Abhisek Waiba, Jan Limbu
  • Mid-Filters: Ashim Rai, Pradeep Lamsal, Niranjan Khattri  
  • Forward: Krish Sapkota, Sugam Jimee, Sasank Bohra  


India is the unbeaten team in this (Saff U-15 Championship) tournament. India has collected altogether 12 points. 

India is the host country for SAFF U-15 Championship 2019 held between August 21st to August 31, 2019. 

Highest goal scorer is Himanshu Jangra also from India. Himanshu Jangra scored 6 goals for his team.

India's Playing XI Team 
  • Goal Keeper:Mohit Singh Dhami
  • Defender: Anish Mazumder Mazumder, Shameek Caine Vas, Halen Nongtdu, Ranjan Soren
  • Mid-Filters:Amos Lalnundanga Lalnundanga, Renedy Mettei Yumnam, Aula Siba Prasad, Satvik Sharma
  • Forward: Isac Zomuanpuia, Himanshu Jangra

Number of Matches in Saff Championship

Ten Matches have been played in the round game excluding the final.


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