Change dpi of Image how to set 150 300 dpi in photoshop

Change dpi of image how to set 150 300 dpi in photoshop

Change dpi of Image how to set 150 300 dpi in photoshop. Change dpi in photoshop how to set 150 dpi 300 dpi in photoshop. Hello! Welcome to B K G latest news. Today in the topic we are discussing how to set 150 dpi 300 dpi in photoshop or set you any image or pdf file to 300 dpi and 150 dpi and any other dpi.

change dpi of image
Change dpi of Image how to set 150 300 dpi in photoshop
Let's know some basic knowledge about DPI and PPI

What is DPI?

Full form of DPI is Dot Per Inch. We know that images are made by combining dots. If we see them deeply by using microscope then we can see dots in every image.

What is PPI?

Full form of PPI is Pixel Per Inch. Pixel is the quality of the image.

How to change DPI and PPI in New Image in Photoshop?

Step # 1 -- Opening Photoshop Installed in Desktop or Laptop

You can open photoshop by clicking on the icon
Hold Windows on your keyboard and click on R in a keyboard. then type photoshop and click the enter button on the keyboard. Photoshop will open.

Step # 2 Creating a New Image

Now click Control plus N on the keyword (Ctrl+N)
In the menu click the "File" button and then
click "New...". This will open the window that allows you to enter the specifications for a new image. Type of image and size of the image to create will appear.

Step # 3 -- Creating a Blank 300 dpi Image

In this box, you can choose the width and height of your image in term of a pixel, inch, column cm, etc.
We are interested in here is the "Resolution" window. There are two windows, one of the left which contains a numerical value, here "72 or 300" and drop-down box on the right which reads "pixels/cm". "pixels/inch"

Perform in Resolution: Specify your dpi sizes like 300 or 150 or any other and choose pixels/pinch.

Click "OK". This is how to set 300 dpi in photoshop and a blank image.

How to change DPI and PPI to existing in Photoshop?

Step # 1 Opening Existing Image

  • To set 300 or 150 dpi on a photograph, open the image in Photoshop. 
  • Click on the "Image" option in the main toolbar, in the menu that appears click
  • on the "Image Size" option. This will open a window allowing you to adjust the settings of the image.

Step # 2 Changing the DPI or PPI

  • In this box go to the "Resolution" fields. In the left-hand box type
  • "300 or 150 or any" and make sure the right box is set to "pixels/inch". Click "OK".
  • The window will close and the image will now successfully ben set to 300 dpi.

Watch Video To Change

If you want to Know more in visual then watch video on Changing DPI or PPI in photoshop.


We hope that changing image in different dpi has been definitely easy for you with our help. We want to hear from you if you have any confusion on this topic. Don't forget to share this information with your friend.

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