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Do follow and No follow backlinks:- Hello! today we are going to talk you the back-links in this article. We also talk about creating back-links for website. Furthermore, we also share you about the importance of backlinks for better ranking of website

Do follow and No follow backlinks

What is back-links Meaning?

If we put other websites link in our website or if our website link is in other website then such type of linking is called back-links.

If we want to rank our website in any search engine then back-links are very much vital factor.  

Search Engine uses back-links as a reference for any website to rank. 

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If your website has high quality back-links then in eye-view of google it think that the website is popular. In the same way other websites also recommend your website.  In this situation google also boost the rank of our website posts in the google search engine. 

In more simple language, the more high quality back-links are there in our website the more is the chance to rank our website in google search engine first page. 


What are types of Back-links?

Mainly there are two types of backlinks to rank website in any search engine faster. 

Do-Follow Backlinks

No-Follow Backlinks


Do-Follow Backlinks

This is the type of backlinks which are followed both by users and search engine to site it point to. 


No-Follow Backlinks

This is the type of backlinks which are followed only by users but search engine ignore them. 

For example, you can find the link in any article posts. When we click that link then it immediately goes to another website. It means we have given link to another website. If the link is do follow then it crawl our link and another website link by going there at the same time.  

If that is no-follow link then our website will ignore other website links. 


Benefit of having Do-Follow backlink to our website

If we give or implement do-follow backlink in our website of popular website then it passes the link juice to another website which is not our. The same link juice will help us to rank our post and also improve our domain authority.


Do-Follow backlink syntax 

<a href="https//"rel="dofollow" >Bistar Khabar</a>


<a href="https//">Bistar Khabar</a>

But if we want to give nofollow Back-links then there is simple checkbox add"rel=no-follow" attribute


click OK. This will create no-follow backlink.  


No-Follow backlink syntax 

<a href="https//"rel="nofollow" >Bistar Khabar</a>


Where to Implement Do-follow Back-links?

  1. When we want to link to high quality website. 
  2. When we use other website text or images as a reference in our website. 
  3. Where to Implement No-follow Back-links?
  4. Low quality websites like casino, gambling, investment, porn, etc. websites.
  5. When link to unrelated websites. Example, your website is tech and want to give link to news website.  
  6. If you are giving affiliate link in your website.

How to get Do-follow Back-links?

  1. Guest posting is the best to get back-links.  Go to the relevant website and publish your post. 
  2. Directories submission- Go to google and search for directory submission website. 
  3. Do-follow comment-normally we get no-follow link while commenting but some website provide do-follow back-link as well. 
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How to get High quality No-follow Back-links?

  • Sharing your website article to the different social media websites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, plurk, reddit, pinterest, etc. 
  • Commenting to different other websites to get no-follow links. 

Ranking website in Search Engine Balance of Backlinks

If you want to rank your website in google and get great traffic to your website then you should maintain the ratio of do-follow and no-follow back-links.

Do-follow Back-links should be 80%

No-Follow back-links should be 20%

If you have total 20 back-links then 18 should be do-follow and only 2 should be no-follow back-links. 

Check out your back-link ratio to get high traffic into your website. 


Back-links Importance at present

The importance of back-links has been decreased to rank website in google search engine because back-links nowadays has been a business for different website.  

The value of back-links has also decreased at present. 

But, keep in your mind that if your website has high quality back-link then it can be ranked faster.

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