FAUG Game App Download- FAUG Game for Smartphone Download Android/iOS

Download FAUG Game App:- After the PUBG game band in India including other different apps of china. FAUG Game App which has been taken as alternative of PUBG game. Recently Akshya Kumar the Hero of Indian Film Industry has tweeted that they are going to launch an new Game App which will definitely heal all the PUBG lovers of India. Akshay Kumar team is going to launch this app as a alternative of PUBG game in India.

FauG Game APP Download (PUBG Game App Best Alternative): The superstar of Bollywood film Industry has recently launched first look poster of FauG app mentioning supporting PM Narendra Modi to make independent India. Akshay Kumar has also mentioned that this game will not only entertain the game player but also contribute in the development of the nation. The 20% of the revenue will be the great soldiers of India. This will also increase the revenue of the government of India.

FAUG Game App Download
FAUG Game App Download
 Akshay Kumar has launched this first teaser on 4th September 2020 in the twitter account @akshaykumar, the verified twitter handle of Akshay Kumar. This is a action genre game which will entertain people a lot and generate revenue for the India. This game will also support Aatmanirbhar moment of Narendra Modi. This game has been launched as a inseparable part Aatmanirvar India Moment.

nCORE is the is the official developer of the game FAU:G. This game will launch in near future on August 2020. Means we can get ready to play this game and entertain a action Game.

This FAUG game will be launch on iOs and Android Platform. This game can be downloaded at free of cost. There will be no hidden charges while downloading FAUG game.

In the twitter handle of Akshay kumar has posted about the FAUG action game. he has told that supporting PM Narendra Modi Independent movement. He also told that he is proud te launch such a big action game in India. Fearless And United-Guard ins the fullform of FAUG. This game entertain game players and also can learn about the sacrifies of the brave soldiers to save their territory. He has also mentioned the 20% of the revenue generated from FAUG will be donated to the @BharatkeVeer. He also told that Trust #FAUG.

In this recent time the government of India has ban 118 mobile apps including the most popular gaming app PUBG. The band in all this app will definitely increase the use of Indian apps. Most of the people are telling that FAUG is the best alternative of PUBG. Comparing the both games almost most of the features will be same as PUBG. PUBG (Players Unknowns Battle Ground ) and FAUG will be in the same level as per the app developer company.

Download FAUG app and support indian made apps. (vocal for local)

The application of FAUG will be available to the both platform android and iOS soon and every users can easily download at free of cost. No need to pay penny.

What is the full meaning of FAU-G?

Most of the Indian were so much craze about the PUBG game. As per the youtube count there used to be millions of viewers in the PUBG gaming channel. Carryislive, carryminati, MortlG, etc.

This game is even popular in Nepal. Still many people play PUBG in Nepal. 4k Gaming, Roshancobrra ar the most popular in Nepal who play PUBG. There are also some rising youtbe gaming channel who livestream and play PUBG game.

Since, PUBG has already been banned from India. Akshay Kumar has launched this app to support the Narendra Modhi Aatranirvar movement. In this movement new game FAU-G action game has been launched.

FAU-G game Apk Download

If your mind is thinking about the meaning of the FAU-G or full form of FAUG is Fearless and United:Guards. The developers have are able to give this unique name and launch. The first poster of the game give you the almost same look of PUBG. By this also we can image that this game will definitely challenge PUBG game in the market of gaming.

Highlight of FAUG Game app

  1. The developer of FAU-G game is nCore the Indian, Game Developer company.
  2. For the first time FAU-G game launching news has been published in Twitter handle of nCore and Akshay Kumar.
  3. FAUG game has been developed in the mentorship of Bollywood superstar
  5. Full Name Fearless and United Guards FAUG
  6. size Currently size has not been decided (About the size of PUBG)
  7. App Developer nCore Game
  8. Category Games
  9. App Launch Date October, 2020 A.D.


FAUG Game means? How can I download FAUG and play?

The game is based on real scenarios for Indian security forces to deal with both domestic and foreign threats. The game is expected to launch in late October as its first level sets were in the Gallon Valley backdrop, followed by a third-person shooting game play in the release. The game will be available both on Apple App store and Google Playstore.

Let us know the voice of the founder and Chairman Vishal Gondal of FAUG game publisher. He tell that to give that It is a matter of great pride to respond to this answer of PM Modi and to present a world class game to the world, which will not only help gamers to fight in a virtual setting. Evil; But also make a positive contribution to nation building by supporting our martyrs.

Let us know the voice of the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Dayanidhi MG We have in-depth experience in a variety of genres, especially mid-core games. We managed style-defined MOBA games like Vailingori of Superville MegaCorp for audiences around the world. the company owner said that they have also worked with international level company like Rovio.We have an experienced team and are constantly expanding to bring together the best talents to play the game that Indian gamers can relate to while playing.

How To Download FauG Game App?

To Download FauG game app you need to wait for some short period of time because it is going to launch soon. Only the motion poster of the FAU-G game has been launched by the bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar in his official twitter handle @akshaykumar as we have mention about at the top of our post.

Akshay Kumar Twitter Handle https://twitter.com/akshaykumar

The best alternative game of PUBG is the FAUG which is going to release on 2020 October.
If you want to play this game first after the release of this game then don't forget to subscribe our website and stay tuned on it. You can also join our youtube, facebook, twitter handle. If you want to get update about the FAUG game then keep reading our future article. We will definitely make this game available through our website to you at first.


Time to download FAUG game you need to wait for some period of time. As, you know that only the first motion poster and thumbnail poster has been launched in this recent time. Other things of this game need more time.

Enjoy Fan made FauG Trailer

FAUG Game Download links HereFAUG Game App both Android and iOS platforms will be available as soon as it is fully launched of published on both platforms.

  1. FAUG Game Android App Link – Will be Available soon

  2. FAUG Game AppStore Link – Will be Available soon

How to install FAUG Game App?

You can also download this action full military games from the Google play store. But from the link given in our site, you can download how to install below. The link will be available after the launch. We will provide you the first link of this game available to download in the playstore and app store.

  1. Go to playstore or App store
  2. Search for First Download FAUG Game app.
  3. and save it in Phone Memory or SD Card.
  4. Time to install FAUG APK/Game.
  5. Don’t forget to Allow for the Unknown App Permission.
  6. Open FAUG Mod.app.
  7. Enjoy full action FAUG App Game.


Fau-G Game App APK Download

FAU-G is an Indian alternative to the most famous online multiplayer mobile game PUBG Mobile. The game is to be launched by the end of October.

The announcement of the game by Akshay Kumar has created such a buzz among gamers and the gaming community. Many people were shocked to hear that PUBG was banned in India by the Indian government. Everyone was asking is PubG banned in India? So for gamers in the country, FauG is about to launch which can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. Learn how to download Fau G Apk.

FauG Game App release Date

FAUG App Download - Are you waiting for the FAUG app release date? Then you are in the right place. Recently the Indian government has banned 118 Chinese apps in India and Pubg was also on the list of banned apps. But now we have good news that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has announced an amazing multiplayer action game called FAU - G.

The FAUG app will be available for both Android and iOS devices, according to the report. Here in this article we have given all the information about FAUG App Download, Faug app release date, Akshay Kumar game feature, Faug app game download.

As the PUBG mobile app has been banned in India, we have seen the introduction of several options of PUBG or the new Battle Royale game similar to the game banned by many Indian game developers. One of the many developers is nCore Games which on Friday announced a new PUBG mobile Indian version called FAU-G or Fearless And United: Guards.

Download Fau-G

Indian gaming companies are reaching new heights and proving Prime Minister Modi's dream of a truly self-reliant India. As stated in Akshay Kumar's tweet, 20% of the earnings of this game will be donated to ' Bharat ke Veer Trust'. This game shows the sacrifice and heroism of the Indian armies. The full form of Fau Ji is Fearless and United Guard.

How to Download Fauji App on Android Devices

  1. Firstly you need to go the the playstore of your mobile device.
  2. Now home page of your google playstore will open in new window.
  3. In the search box you need to type FAUG action game.
  4. When you click on Faug then immediately you go to to download window.
  5. Just you need to click on download button
  6. Finally after sometime your FAUG game will be installed in you mobile.

Note: Your internet speed should be faster to download FAUG game faster. Get great bandwith internet speed installed at your home.


How to Download FAU-G ( Faugi) Game on iOS Mobile

  1. Go to your appstore of your iOs mobile device.
  2. Firstly you need to go the the appstore of your mobile device.
  3. Now home page of your app store will open in new window.
  4. In the search box you need to type FAUG action game.
  5. When you click on Faug then immediately you go to to download window.
  6. Just you need to click on download button
  7. Finally after sometime your FAUG game will be installed in you mobile.

Download Size of FAU-G game

As per the prediction the FAUG game on Android will be not more thant 1.7 GB and while we talk about the iOS FAUG game will be not more than 1.9 GB. Developers and stakeholders are spreading the news that FAUG will be launched on October month of 2020 A.D.

At this resent time the official teaser of the FAUG game has not been launched from the side of game developer. But some of the FAUG fans have already launched their own trailer on Youtube channel. Till now only the photo poster of FAUG game has only being launched in recent time.

Who is the owner of FAU-G Game?

You may have excitement about the owner of the FAUG game. The name of FAUG owner is Bishal Gondal. This game has been launched on the mentorship of the Bollywood superstar actor Akshay Kumar for the independent of India. Till now the game has not being officially launched by owner. It has been predicted that this game is about to launch at the month of October, 2020. We can only predict about the launch there is no any official news as per our hearing.

FAUG Game App Download
FAUG Game App Download

Can FAUG take the place of PUBG in India?

The same is true for PUBG. With the ban, apps like FauG game will get a boost. But will they be able to replace international brands with their quality and user experience.

It's all about the FauG game. We will bring you all the updates over time. Keep coming

What is FAUG release date and Month?

There is currently no specific information about this Faug App, but reportedly FAU-G will also be multiplayer just like PUBG. Game releaser will be from Bangalore and the company name is nCore. In addition to entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. Veer of India will get 20 percent of the net revenue. The FAU-G is expected to launch in late October

Is the new FAU-G game copied?

Akshay Kumar's announcement tweet went viral, resulting in Memes. Many twitter users then pointed to plagiarism in Fau-G Game posters, while some felt that the developers had taken a shortcut in the form of "lack of creativity".

Responding to the allegation, Vishal Gondal, co-founder of nCore (the same Indian company behind FAU-G), said he had officially bought a license from Shutterstock for the image used in the poster.

“To protect our interests, nCore and our founders will be initiating all the necessary actions as may be legally advised against all such persons including any foreign nationals who may be percolating such baseless and fake news for the reasons best known to them,” Gondal said in a statement.

FAQs about FauG Game App

Q1 Will this game success Like PUBG?

We hope that this game will boom the marke.


Q2 Is this game compactible to all the smartphone?

Developers are trying to make it all users friendly.


Q3 What is the Full Form of FAUG?

Fearless And United Guards is the full form of FAUG. 


Q4 What is the FAUG Launch Date?

Last of October 2020 can be a predictable date FAUG. 


Q5. What is the best alternative of PUBG?

We never know but FAU-G could be the best alternative of PUBG. 

Q6 How can I download FauG?

We can download FAUG from Google playstore and Appstore. 


Q7. Is the new FAU-G game poster being copied?

The latest poster of FAUG has been purchased from the Shutterstock photo platform. 



If you are a PUBG game lover then you can also play this FAUG game. If you are PUBG lover from India then you specially need to play this game. This game is the alternative of PUBG game to entertain all the game lovers. You can also live stream this game on youtube and make your fan enjoyable by your game play. If you like this article about FAUG then share to your friend as well.

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