ODI debut half century World Record- Kushal Malla

ODI debut half-century World Record - Kushal Malla the debut cricket player scored a half-century. Nepali team changed two players Kushal Malla & Susan Bhari from the previous game played on Saturday for the Cricket World Cup League 2 with the United States. One of the Nepali team that got a place in it was Kushal Malla. He was playing his first game in 50 overs from the Nepali national team. He is the youngest player to score the first half-century in the debut ODI game. The records of Rohit Kumar Poudel is broken. 
ODI debut half century World Record
ODI debut half-century World Record

ODI debut half-century World Record- Kushal Malla

In One day International Kusal Malla became the youngest player in international cricket after landing on a skilled field. He was brought to the Nepali team by replacing Rohit Kumar Poudel on Saturday. Rohit also skillfully surpassed the half-century record he made in ODI cricket at the youngest. Rohit was 16 years 146 days old when he scored 55 against the UAE in Dubai last year. Kaushal has made a record of scoring 50 runs at the age of 15 years 340 days while playing against the United States in League 2 in Kirtipur International Cricket Ground on February 8th 2020

ODI debut half-century world Record Broken

Kusal Malla was asked playing by replacing Rohit Kumar Poudel and breaking the record of Rohit Kumar? He just kept laughing. He scored 111 runs against Nepal APF Club in the Inaruwa, playing from Tribhuvan Army Club in the previous month's MM Cup. I was able to make a century because of the badness of bowling more than I did,' he said at the time.

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Half Centurian happy with his batting

After playing this innings with the United States, he laughed with Captain Gyanendra Mall over the question of how confident he felt about being a good batsman. He came to bat when the Nepali team was unable to catch the rhythm in the batting.

ODI world record Inning of Nepal

At the time Nepal lost 5 wickets for 49 runs, The debutant Kusal Malla played fearless inning against United State which provided first win for Nepal in the League 2 which is the backbone of the World Cup selection. It is also the first victory in Nepal's one-day international at home ground.

ODI half- Centuriyan Dream

Not knowing anything about the world record, Kaushal said, "It was my first game, my dream was to play for Nepali National Cricket. As my dream was fulfilled, I was playing with confidence. I was convinced to make runs for the team. I was waiting for the weak balls to get the team to a good score.

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After ODI debut half-century- Kushal Reaction in the ground

After making a half-century, most batsmen greet their team of spectators and pavilions by picking up the bat. Even though he scored a half-century in the first game, Kaushal didn't pick up the bat. 'Nepal's score was only 130 runs, it seemed like a batsman to get his half-century. I did not lift the bat when making half a century. I thought to make Century and raise the hand after that. There was so much leftover so that I was thinking of hitting century 'Kushal gave the reason.

Opposition US team Captain reaction against ODI debut half-century

US captain Sourav Netravalkar also praised Kaushal's innings. 'Kushal tried to bat bravely in the offensive and was successful. He played in such innings even when Nepal was under pressure, 'he said,' he is definitely a talented player. ' After the good knock of the Kusal Malla inning, United State realized that the game is going out of their hand.

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