10 World Records of Nepali Cricket - Nepali Men & Women

10 world Records of Nepali Cricket - Nepali Men & Women

10 world Records of Nepali Cricket - Nepali Men & Women Cricket records. Today our topic about the History created by All National Cricket Teams in the world. Most of the records are recorded in the genius book of World record.

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10 World Records of Nepali Cricket

1. Allrounder Cricketer Mehboob Alam

Nepali men cricket team Allrounder Cricket player Mehboob Alam a Medium Fast Left-handed bowler recorded a Guinness book of world record.  In 2008 A.D. playing One-day Inning (ODI) against Mojambik Cricket team In this match, he took all 10 wickets by bowling 7.5 overs and consumed 12 runs which became a world record.

This record was first in the name of Anil Kumble but now it has been replaced by Mahboob Alam.

2. World Record against Myanmar (Bowling)👨👏

In the One Day International(ODI) Cricket history this in only a fastest recorded which has been recorded by Nepali Men Cricket Team.

Myanmar all the team of Myanmar were all out in just 10 runs playing 12.1 overs playing against Nepal in ACC trophy in 2006 A.D. In this match, Mehboob Alam took 7 wickets This is also a world record by Nepali men National Cricket team.

3. Match with Myanmar (Batting)👨💃

ACC trophy 2006 match held on 20th August 2006, Nepal vs Myanmar. In 2 balls Nepal won the match against Myanmar. This also became a world record. Myanmar 10 runs all out and Nepal 11 runs in 2 balls Nepal won the match in the first over bowling of Aye Min Than. This record has not been broken until now. 

4 Cricketer Kushal Malla World Record

Rohit Kumar Poudel is Nepal's U19 Cricket Captain and National men Cricket player. He made half-century against first Official ICC ODI series played by Nepal against UAE. At the age of  16 years, 146 days Rohit Kumar Poudel made a half-century. Rohit hit 55 runs in 58 balls but this record has been broken by Kushal Malla to make this world record which has become world record to hit a Half-century in youngest age. 

Although you see the picture in the world top 10 world records it has been now replaced by Kushal Malla.

This record was first recorded by Sachin Tendulkar when he made half-century record at the age of 16 years 216 against Pakistan.

5. Rubina Chhetri

Nepali National Woman Cricket player Rubina Chhetri Grabbed 5 wickets in the last over and a hattrick by consuming only 1 extra-wide run in last over against Singapore in ACC women's T20 Cricket in 2009 is a world record. Ritu Kanoujiya the skipper (Captain) of Nepali women's Cricket team calle15-year-old Rubina Chhetri to bowl for the last over. It was the historic win for Nepal women's cricket. 

The only bowler to take five-wicket in 5 balls by consuming 1 run is Rubina Chhetri. Singapore was needed only 2 runs to win with five wickets remaining but Rubina Chhetri took all 5 wickets and the match tied but Nepal won on bowl-out (2-1). If you want to know more about this match Click [HERE].

6. Shakti Prasad Gauchan

Most economy bowler in any of ODI. Against Malaysia, His bowling spell of 10 overs 2 runs 8 Medians and 3 wickets became a world record. After Playing 1st and 2nd ODI against the Netherlands. He is Spin Bowler.

7. Rahul B. K. in U19 World Cup

Left Handed Spin bowler Rahul b. K. He is unable to become a regular player in Nepali National Cricket Team.  Against Papua New Guinea he took 6 wickets by spending 3 runs with an economy of 0.47. In U19 world Cup cricket, he is the only player to become such an economic and 6 wicket-taker player which is recorded in Genesis Book of world record.

8. First country Nepal with Women blind Cricket Team

Nepal is the only country to make blind women national cricket team in the world. Nepal is the first country to make a country with blind women National Cricket Team.

9. Nepal Won Against 2 test playing Nations

South Africa and New Zealand are not defeated by Associate country But when we talk these team both there were defeated by Nepal in Semi-Final and Final of ICC U19 World Cup Cricket History in were defeated about the U19 defeat by Nepali U19 which is an associate country with ODI status.

10. Associate Country to become World Cup Champion

Nepal is only an associate Cricket playing Nation which became u19 world Cup Champion by defeating South Africa and New Zealand in ICC world Cup Tournament.


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