Grade 11 Exam form fill up - Notice for exam form fill up class 11

Grade 11 Exam form fill up

Grade 11 Exam form fill up notice has been published by Nepal Government, National Examination Board, Sanothimi Bhaktapur. This notice for all those students who are studying in class 11. If you are a student of grade 11 then it's a time for you to fill up your examination form by visiting your school/college. 
Grade 11 Exam form fill up
Class 11 Exam Form notice

National Examination Board Notice for grade 11

The examination is going to held onward Baisakh, 2077 B.S. This is the yearly basis of examination. The students who are regular in their class and studying as regular students are informed to visit their college/school administration section and ask for filling examination online form. 

Students/College/school are informed to fill the examination form through online entry. 

Form filling Deadline

Deadline for filing the examination form of class 11 is till Magh 27th 2076 B.S. 

According to the National Examination Board, the examination is going to be held since 2077 B.S. Baisakh month. Only Class 11 Regular students can fill the examination form until Magh 27th, 2076.  So, don't miss your exam go to fill your regular examination form in time for a better result. 

About partial students

No partial students are included in this notice. Partial students are excluded from filling the examination form. There will be published another notice for partial students.

What happens if students do not fill examination form in last hour?

When the student fills the examination form at the last hour there will be very less time to study due to which student is unable to score a good score in the examination. Students of Grade 11 are informed to fill their examination form by visiting their college/school to fill the form in time. 

Students filling the form at the last hour feel more pressure of the examination because they are more pressurized by the exam form. Also, there is less time to study. 

How to fill the Examination form?

If school/college/student is confused about how to fill the examination online form then you can also watch the video instruction by visiting the website to fill class 11 examination form through online. 

Concluding Words

We would like to wish the students of grade 11 for their bright future after the examination in advance. 

Thank you
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