4 important things to know about E-Sim Card | 4 Tips for E-Sim Users

E-Sim Tips for new users: There are various advantages and disadvantages of using Electronic Sim (E-Sim) in your Smartphone. We share you four important things to be known while you are using e-Sim. This information could be helpful to all the e-Sim users around the globe.  

Things to know before using e-sim
4 Tips for E-Sim Users

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E-Sim has been introduced instead of physical sim in smartphone. But Smartphones where we can use E-Sim are limited. Budget phones does not support e-sim till now. We hope this will be resolved soon by the smartphone production companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, etc. 


Things to Remember Before Using E-Sim

Since, the practice of using E-Sim has just started.It could make many confusion for the user abou e-sim in the future. We have listed some important things to know while you are using e-sim in daily life.


Is it possible to Use e-Sim and Physical Sim with same Number? 

No, Physical Sim Card and E- Sim Card with same number is not possible in a smartphone. This means when your E-Sim Card is activated then automatically physical Sim is inactivated.

Old Sim to E-Sim
Sim Change with Time

How many E-Sim can be installed?

This depends upon device the number of E-Sim you can install. As a whole on an average maximum 3 E-Sim can installed in a single smartphone device.

Can we use physical sim if any problem in E-Sim?

Yes, we can use physical sim card if any problem is ascertained in E-Sim service. This means E-Sim can be converted to Physical Sim card.

What is the different in quality of e-sim and physical sim?

The internet and voice call quality is same in e-sim and physical sim card. This means it is not necessary to convert physical sim card to E-Sim immediately. You can take some time to convert your e-sim supported smartphone device.



We hope this short tips about e-sim could help you before using e-Sim in your smartphone. If you need more information about e-sim in future then comment below. We know that this new for users of smartphone as it is introduced recently. 


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