How to be happy | 4 pro tips to make your life happy|

How to be happy | 4 Simple things that make you happy|

How to be happy:-We cannot buy happy from any shop or shopping Mall nor it is inside any suitcase with lock. It is different than human becomes conch (Shukhi in Nepali) and happy (Khushi) in Nepali). In the present time, people tell that Sukhi of human beings is also a Khushi. 
how to be happy
How to be happy tips
There is a prediction that all the rich people in this world are happy. A rich person can become Shukhi but there is no guarantee that he is Khushi as well or a poor person can become Khushi but there is no guarantee that he is Shukhi because he has no money for daily livelihood. There are lots of money in the suitcase or locker of a rich person but he, not Khushi.

Some people are found to be enjoying even there is lack of enough tangible and intangible assets. So the above thing meaning is that it is not confirmed that even if you have lots of money you will be Khushi even if you have Sukha.

There may not be the same thing to become conch for all the people ok, because some people become happy in a peaceful environment while some become happy if they spend time with their best friend. If you have understood this then let us tell you 4 things to make you Khushi(Happy

Happy will give human beings spiritual satisfaction. If you really need tips about how to be happy then we are going to give which you could be following. But you need to get involved in these tips in the right way. 

#1. Smile in front of Mirror every day

smiling looking on mirror
smiling looking on the mirror
This is really effective tips to make you happy. Stand in front of the mirror of your home and keep smiling in front of the mirror. Make it like your daily routine in the morning.

As our happy is always depend on smiling. At the time of smiling our brain will take out dopamine hormone which will make us happy. The importance of smiling is that don't create a fake smile, it should be real.

Practice to smile in front of the mirror every morning this will help you to become happy.

If you are unhappy right now then remember your past when you were happy this will bring a real smile in your mouth. Always smile from inside your body. You know that practice makes a man perfect. 

#2. Daily Exercise

exercise to be happy
Happy with exercise
Daily and regular exercise will remove stress and other negative chemicals from our body. If we regular exercise for less time then this will also make a vast difference in our life. If we are able to stretch our body only for 5 min per day then this will also make us light. 

After having dinner at the night time perform light dance and play your favourite sport. After dinner, you need to take a walk for some time. This will make you happy. Make it practical which will bring a difference in your body.

#3. Start Writing notes

making future bright
diary writing
Write in anything into your diary that is from the inside of your heart. In any topic start writing from today. There is no compulsory that you should be a perfect writer or scholar. Write anything you like

like poem, story, jokes, your all-day activities, etc. Also, write about your thoughts and feelings which is the best medium for making your future plan which will definitely make you happy.

Before you go to your bed write something into your diary you can't imagine that this brings drastic positive change into your life.

#4. Meet with Friends, Boyfriends or Girlfriends

meeting friends to become happy
friends meetup for happy
Not only in happiness but meet with your friends at the time of tension or mood off. If you cannot meet them directly then you can call or chat, talk on messenger which will bring joy in your life.
Apply the above four tips in your life practically right now it will bring about a drastic positive change in your life. 

We can realize that the increasing age of human will decrease the numbers of friends. Having many friends is not a big thing but having a best friend is who help you in every difficulty. It will be enough to have one helpful friend rather than having unhelpful many friends.

If you have the only a friend who is very attached to you then there is no hard if you make him/her boyfriend/girlfriend or even a life partner.

More tips...

Age is not an obstacle for love but you should be happy.

At last, we want to say that happy is this much big and important thing in human life.

We want to say that happiness would come to your life like a drainage river and tick like the ocean. So always try to become happy. Human being has everything like food, infrastructure, etc. now but they are far from happiness because they don't know how to become happy.


A person having cycle today dreams to buy a bike, a person having bike dreams to buy a car where he/she ride with family and more. Human needs are never fulfilled there is indefinite needs of human. So with limited things, you should try to become happy.

Last Word

Stay happy, keep smiling and always change your daily routine.

Thank you
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