B. Ed. Exam Schedule: 1 year B.Ed. 2076 Partial Exam Schedule

B Ed Exam Schedule: 1 year B. Ed. 2076 Partial Exam Schedule

B Ed Exam Schedule:- This is to inform you all that yearly based partial one-year B.Ed. the exam is going to held in the below schedule. The Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office Balkhu will conduct a one-year B.Ed exam of partial students.
B Ed Exam Schedule
One year BEd Exam Schedule 2076
Exam Time: Morning 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Afternoon
Exam Starting Date: Chaitra 9th 2076
Exam Ending Date: Chaitra 18th 2076

Exam Schedule of B.Ed.  

 (New Course) Ed.412 Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education
 (New Course) Ed.413 Educational Psychology
 (New Course) Ed.414 Curriculum and Evaluation
(New Course) Eco. Ed. 490 Method Teaching Economics
Eng.Ed .490 English Language  Teaching Methods and Materials
Geo.Ed .490 Methods of Teaching Geography
Hist.Ed .490  Methods of Teaching History
Math.Ed. 490  Teaching Mathematics
Phy.Ed .490  Teaching and Coaching in physical Education
Pol.Sc.Ed. 490  Methods of Teaching political Science
Sc.Ed .490  Methods of Teaching Science at Secondary School
He.Ed .490  Methods of Teaching Health
pop.Ed. 490  Methods of Teaching population
Ed.Mgt. 413  Educational Supervision
Ecd.Ed. 422 Early Childhood Development Methodologies.
Special Edu . Sn. Ed 305 Dev. of  Soc. Skills and Lang. in Special Need Children
Nep. Shi. 490 Nepali Vasa Shikchyan
New Course) Eco.Ed.416 Economics Analysis
Eng.Ed .416 Fundamentals of Language and Linguistics
Geo.Ed .416 Physical Geography
Hist.Ed .416  Ancient and Medieval  History of Nepal
Math.Ed. 416 Mathematics for School Teachers
Phy.Ed .416 Foundation of Physical Education and Sport Science
Pol.Sc.Ed. 416 political Thinkers
H.Ed .416 Found. of  Health and Health Science
Pop.Ed. 416 Pop, Env. and Quality of Life
Ed.Mgt. 412 Educational Administration
Ecd.Ed. 421 Fundamentals of Early Childhood
So.Std. 438 Teaching Social Studies
Special Edu Sn. Ed 304 Fund. of Special Need in Edu.
Nep. Shi. 416 Samanya ra Prayogit Bhasa Bigyan

Special notice

In this one year B.Ed. program it has come to listen that there are still some students left to fill the examination application form till today. Students are informed to fill their form by paying double fee amount of application within Falgun 13th 2076 B.S. in your respective campus so that the form will be available to TU within Falgun 15th 2076 B.S. This is notified to all the students waiting for the B.Ed. examination to be held in 2076.

Other Important Information

  1. The student not attending the regularly scheduled exam will be not made any other management regarding this exam. 
  2. Sudden holiday in the middle of the exam schedule will not change the pre-determined exam schedule until there is the official notice from Tribhuvan University. 
  3. The student should visit their campus administration department for the practical examination.
  4. All the required utensils such as journal voucher, log table, calculator, graph paper, chart paper, etc. for the examination time by approving from the exam centre head.
  5. If any student exam has been overlapped or left out in the exam schedule then inform within 7 days of the exam schedule notice published to Tribhuvan University. 
  6. Practical exam obtained mark, mark sheet, answer sheet, attendance is to be provided to TU within 1 month of finishing your theoretical examination.
  7. The students will not be given to bring exam prohibited materials such as mobile, digital watch, digital calculator, etc.
  8. The student should only attend the exam for which they have filled the examination application form according to their course. The student or campus will be themself fully responsible for any mistake in their exam subject. 
  9. For the physically disabled student providing disability card and if a medical report proved that student is unable to write using hand then he/she will be given another writer. There will be provided an extra 1 hour than pre-determined time for 100 marks exam and an extra half an hour than pre-determined for 50 marks exam. 
  10. According to the rule of Tribhuvan University exam centre, a change-related arrangement has been removed. 


Attend you just one-year B.Ed. Exam and become eligible to teach in the educational institution of Nepal whether they are government or private. For the government, you need to gain a teaching licence for which you need to attend another licenced exam. But for private, there are no requirements for the licence. Enjoy your life and make our society educated. You can also visit the Tribhuvan University website for more updates.

Thank you
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