Watch Kabaddi 4 movie Worldwide Ticket| Kabaddi 4 Show Time, Place

Watch Kabaddi 4 movie Worldwide:- Now, you could watch Kabaddi Four movie from anywhere around the world. There is no boundary to watch Kabaddi 4 movie from all around the world. You could watch Kabbadi Movie from Europe, Australia, America, Canada and Asia. Kabaddi Movie is releasing in same date all over the world. Also, Catch us for the latest Box Office Collection of Kabaddi 4 movie.

Watch Kabaddi 4 Worldwide
Watch Kabaddi 4 Movie Worldwide

Worldwide Release of Kabaddi 4 Movie

In past, Nepali film like Lakka Jawan, Mantra, A Mero Hajur 4 were only released in Nepal in 2022. But Kabaddi 4 movie is available to watch out of Nepal. Watching Kabaddi 4 movie from Asian Countries then choose Nepal and Japan. You are in European countries then there are many countries to watch Kabaddi 4 movie.Watch Kabaddi 4 Movie in England also known as UK, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Australia, Canda, USA New Zealands, and many more countries.

    Watch Kabaddi 4 movie in Nepal

    Ticket Booking of Kabaddi 4 movie has been opened all over Nepal. Watch Kabaddi 4 movie in Nepal booking tickets from the different online platform such as Khalti, fonepay. The normal Ticket Price of Kabaddi 4 movie is in between NPR. 300 to NPR 400. 
    If you want to Book ticket through Khalti then login to our khalti wallet then click on movie there you see FCube and BSR Movies to book your ticket then you click on where you want to book your seat. Now pay your ticket price money through khalti. take the Print copy the transaction detail while going to watch movie. 

    Watch Kabaddi 4 movie in Singapore Ticket

    Watch the Latest Kabaddi 4 Movie Grand Premiere in Carnival Cinemas, Beach Road, Singapore with Dayahang Rai. Book your ticket to watch movie on 18 & 19 June, 2022. Ticket price for child S$10 and Adult S$20. For ticket booking contact Dhiraz Kale 81890734 and Biren 96687098

    Watch Kabaddi 4 movie in Australia

     Kabaddi 4 Movie is premiering in different states of Australia Know full details below:


    Watch Kabaddi 4 in Adelaide

    The movie Kabaddi 4 is releasing in the Adelaide of Australia. This is also a premiere show of Kabaddi 4 movie in Australia in Mercury Cinema located at Morphett Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

    • Ticket Price: AUD$ 25 Adult
    • Payment Method: VISA, mastercard
    • Kabaddi 4 Ticket in Adelaide
    • Kabaddi 4 Show Date & time in Australia
    • Date: 27th May 2022
    • Show Time: 6:30PM-9:30PM
    • Watch Kabaddi 4 Movie in Mercury Cinema
    • Located at: 13 Morphett Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

    Watch Kabaddi 4 Australia
    Watch Kabaddi 4 Movie Australia

    Watch Kabaddi 4 in Queensland

    If you are in Queensland State of Australia then you have following option to watch Kabaddi 4 movie. Kabaddi 4 movie is premiering in Queenslands on May 30, 2022 Monday.

    • Presenter: Grace International Education, Brisbane 
    • Cinema Hall: BCC Cinema
    • Venue: Sunshine Plaza. Sunshine Coast, Queensland
    • Time: Sharp 7:00 PM
    • Ticket Book Contact: Sandeep Paudel: 0452249389 & Anish Dhakal : 0415762890
    • Kabaddi 4 Ticket Price: AUD$ 25 only. 

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    Watch Kabaddi 4 in Melbourne

    If you are in Melbourne State of Australia then you have following option to watch Kabaddi 4 movie. Kabaddi 4 movie is premering in Melbourne on May 27, 2022 Friday

    • Presenter: Kandel Consultancy Education| Migration
    • Cinema Hall: Chinatown Cinema
    • Venue: Level 1, Midcity Centre, 200 Burke Street Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3000
    • Time: N/A
    • Ticket Book Contact: Sandeep Paudel: 0452249389 & Anish Dhakal : 0415762890
    • Kabaddi 4 Ticket: Click for Kabaddi 4 Ticket Melbourne


    Watch Kabaddi 4 in Sydney

    The movie Kabaddi 4 movie is releasing in the Sydney of Australia. This is also a premiere show of Kabaddi 4 movie in Australia in Mercury Cinema located at Morphett Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

    • Ticket Price: AUD$ 30
    • Payment Method: VISA, mastercard, others
    • Kabaddi 4 Ticket in Sydney
    • Date: 27th & 28th May 2022 Burwood, 29th & 30th May 2022 Hurstville
    • Show Time: 6:00PM & 5:30 PM in Burwood, 6:00 PM & 6:00 PM Hurstville


    Watch Kabaddi 4 in Europe

    If you are in European countries then you could also get chance to watch Kabaddi 4 movie from the Cinema Hall near you. Countries for Kabaddi 4 movie release in Europe are as following:

    Kabaddi 4 in Denmark

    June 12, 2022 Kabaddi 4 movie in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Time:2:30 PM- 6:00 PM
    Nordisk Film Biografer Palads Axeltrov 9 1609 KBH
    For ticket booking contact 
    Sudip Sam 53 61 60 29 
    Rajman Tamang 27 59 92 22

    Kabaddi 4 in Cyrus

    The movie Kabaddi 4: The Final Match is screening on 27th May 2022 in Cyprus.The movie is coming to Pantheon Theatre,Nicosia Cyprus on May 29, 2022 with show time 2:00 PM. For advance Booking of the ticket contact Subash Malla 9404493/96751378, Deep Prajapati 96578420 & Rohan Poudel +9779851197732(Nepal) 
    • Denmark
    • Protugal 
    • Cyprus
    • Belgium 
    • Finland 
    • Norway
    • France
    • Germany 
    • Spain 
    • Malta
    • Sweden 
    • Netherlands
    • England (UK)

     For Booking Tickets in Europe please contact in the Whatsapp numbers +9779844297931 and +4527599222

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    Watch Kabaddi 4 in Japan

    Kabaddi 4 movie Japan release date is on June 5, 2022 (22th Jestha, 2079) and time is 6:00 PM.  

    Watch Kabaddi 4 Japan
    Kabaddi 4 Movie Releasing in Japan

    Ticket Price: Normal ¥3000 and VIP ¥ 10000

    Cinema Hall: Nakano zero (Big Hall)

    Ticket Available: Rato Mato The Clay Oven Typical Nepali Restaurant, 1-17-10 Hyakunicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073 ST Building 7F, Tel: 050-5494-8829

    Place: 2 Chome-9-7 Nakano Nakano City, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan

    Contact for More Details: Suvash Lamichhane (080-4133-6105) & Asim Basnyat (090-9843-7897)

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    Watch Kabaddi 4 in New Zealand

    You could Watch Kabaddi 4 movie in New Zealand as well. There are varous location to watch this movie. So choose your best location to watch this movie. Following are the locations to watch Kabaddi 4 movie in New Zealand: 

    Watch Kabaddi 4 New Zealand
    Kabaddi 4 Movie Releasing Date in New Zealand

    Kabbadi 4 will be showing in different city of New Zealand.

    • In Auckland you can contact Gurkha Fc and Nepal Rhino Cricket Club - Auckland
    • In Christchurch you can contact Nepal United FC Christchurch and Everest Warriors Cricket Club
    • In Hamilton you can contact Gorkhali FC Waikato
    • In Tauranga you can contact to DANPHE CRICKET CLUB - BOP
    • In Queenstown you can contact to Queenstown Nepalese Society Incorporated
    • In Southland you can contact to Southland Nepalese Society
    • In Wellington with ticket price $25, sharp at 5:30 PM, Reading Cinema, North City Shoping Mall, Porirua, free for under 5 or you can contact Rojan and Bishesh
    • If you want to show the movie in your city please contact us
    • Rojan Bhattarai 0224615496
    • Bishesh Khadka 0224748197 

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    Watch Kabaddi 4 Movie in USA & Canada

    You could Watch Kabaddi 4 movie in Canada and USA different cities. Find your nearest cinema hall and enjoy the latest movie. Watching Nepali movie in USA  would be with huge audience as many Nepalese are in United State of America. Not only this much there are also Nepali language based Bhutanese in USA to watch Kabaddi 4 movie.

    Watch Kabaddi 4 movie USA Canada
    Kabaddi 4 Movie releasing in USA and Canada

    There are altogether 60 shows in 41 cities of USA and Canada for Kabaddi 4. So, take the benefit of limited tickets to watch this most awaited Nepali movie near your city. 


    We are glad to announce that Nepali movie is also growing worldwide with shows. Kabaddi 4 movie tickets are already sold out in many countries in advance. If you are still left to book the ticket of this latest movie then hurry up!. With are you going to watch Kabaddi 4? Do you like Dayahang Rai? Are you excited to watch Kabaddi 4 movie?


    FAQ About Kabaddi 4

    Q1. Kabaddi 4 movie download is possible or not?

    Ans: You cannot download Kabaddi 4 movie since it is not available in any platform to download.


    Q2. When is Kabaddi 4 Release Nepali Date?

    Ans: Kabaddi 4 Release Nepali Date is 13th Jestha, 2079.


    Q3. Will there be kabaddi 5 movie?

    Ans: There is no any news about making of Kabaddi 5 movie because Kabaddi 4 is titled as "Kabaddi 4- The Final Match".


    Q4. How much is the Box Office Collection of Kabaddi 4 movie? 

    Ans: Kabaddi 4 Movie Box office Collection will be available after the release of movie.  

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