How to increase followers in starMaker|Starmaker Tips

How to increase followers in StarMaker:- Today our topic on the most popular Indian and Nepali Singing mobile app called StarMaker which has been the most popular app since the lockdown time. 

Most of the people of urban areas are attracted towards this app to pass time and talk with new people by maintaining the social distance.

How to increase followers in starmaker
Increase StarMaker Followers

You will be provided the most effective ways or tips to increase your followers in the Starmaker the singing app.

5 Tips for increasing followers in Starmaker app

#1 Video Song

First of all you should always try to create video version song for Starmaker app. Show your half of your body while sing in the starmaker app. 


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Always sing showing your face by beautifying and filtering no need to makeup with cosmetic products.   

#2 Trending hashtag

Before posting your song to the starmaker app please watch out for the trending hashtag which could lift your song to the trending section. 

starmaker singing app
starmaker Followers

#3 Duet Tips

You need to duet with the most popular and verified singer. If they repost your song there is more chance to go your song to trending because all the followers of the popular try to watch their duet videos. 

#4 Song Mentioning

Always mention the verified singers to sing duet with you. If they join you there is more chance to get your song exposure in the huge audience.

#5 Song sharing

After posting your song please share your song to all your followers, friends, and social medias like facebook, youtube, reddit, twitter, etc.



We hope that you like the short and sweet tips for increasing the followers in starmaker app in short duration. We have other as well to increase your followers in short time which will come in another post. Stay tuned for next post as well. 

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