NTC Scratch recharge Card Recovery- Recharge NTC

NTC Scratch recharge Card Recovery:- This topic is about recharging the NTC Simcard which you are using into your phone. Suppose you have purchased NTC recharge card and while you are scratching card the serial number got blurred or unable to read due to over scratch. Then it become impossible to recover the recharge amount without going to NTC office. or let's tell telecom recharge card number deleted? Don't Get upset, now you can recharge easily by following the below steps.

recover NTC PIN no recharge card
NTC Scratch recharge card recovery

Nepal Telecom's recharge card can be recharged even if most of the numbers have been erased and only 6 numbers have been seen.

NTC Damaged Recharge Card Recovery Process

For this, you can easily able to recharge your phone from the NTC official website. There are certain steps you need to follow to recharge over scratched recharge card or not clear recharge card.

We want to remind you that please do not throw the unclear or scratched card before recharge. You need to keep it with yourself. If you have internet available near you or your home then you can visit to the Nepal Telecommunication official website.

Requirements for Recovery of Recharge Card Amount

Furthermore, if recharge card PIN number is not clear or corroded, then you should provide the serial number of the recharged card, the PIN number shown on the newly purchased recharge card and the mobile number to be recharged.

In Short: Criteria for recovery of corroded Recharge Card
  1. Recharge Card Serial Number
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Recharge Card PIN Number
  4. Atleast 6 Digit of 16 Digit PIN number should be visible

To do this, go to the company's website and click on PIN Recovery or log on to the side or click NTC Recovery Link.

Also Read:

1. Service Type

You need to select you service type Here means type of simcard you are using like tick of your simcard type. For example, if you are using NTC GSM prepaid then tick on GSM/CDMA prepaid.

2. Service Number

Type your Mobile number in the service number section. For example 9841XXXXXX

3. Serial Number

You should type the serial number provided in the recharge card which has got damaged due to mishandle by yourself. The serial number is of 16 digits long.

4. PIN Code

We already know that we always scratch PIN code while recharging. According to the recharge card type the visible number and those numbers which are unvisible type star mark. For example. 16***7**93*8****. Here we see that 167938 are only visible numbers.

Keep in your mind that you can only recover your recharge amount if you have minimum 6 PIN number visible otherwise you have to do other process. The PIN number is also of 16 digits long

5. Captcha Solve
You need to type the characters shown exactly without any change.

6. Verify
This is the last step you need to do is just verify by clicking green verify button.

Retrying numbers of time

You can try this process upto 10 times. But if you make more than 10 mistakes than you need to step forward means if you try to recharge incorrectly more than this, it will not be successful from the website and you will have to go to the company's counter to exchange the recharge card.

What should I do if Less than 6 Digits visible?

We want to suggest you that if you don't see at least 6 digits, you have to go to the customer counter for exchange or recharge card.

The above all the process will be cancel after you to go to the counter to exchange all types of cards. After going to the counter, there is an arrangement to check it and give a new recharge card of the same price. It is also mentioned in the release that the arrangement of recharging by the customer from the website is expected to be very convenient for the service recipient.

Further Information

We also want to inform you that in the near future from Nepal Telecom app you can also exchange your damaged recharge card by sending message to the Nepal Telecom. We think that this will be more easier for you all.
Thank you 
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