Mayor Balen Shah News 100 Days Progress in 6 Topics

Balen Shah News: The Mayor of Kathmandu Balen Shah has published his 100 days progress after being elected in the post of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor. The Independent Mayor of Kathmandu Published the 100 days progress from official Facebook Page Balen on September 4 2022 (Bhadra 19 2079). 

Balen Shah 100 Days
Balen Shah 100 Days News

The reference term is about reaching 100 days. How people saw our 100 days is more meaningful than how we evaluate ourselves. We worked carefully as far as our scope, duties and rights gave us, what kind of message it gave to the common people makes a difference to us. Our work will give results only if positive energy is received in people, change is felt. Otherwise, we will not be successful in making a list that we have done so many things. Therefore, in the context of reaching 100 days, we think it will be justified to remember some references that touched our hearts. 


1. Sheaves of corn removed from the sidewalk: 

This context still feels like a kind of dilemma about what is right. But at the end of the day, it is not only emotional to fulfill the responsibility that you have received. The basic construction of the footpath is for pedestrians. For the real management of the city, it is also necessary to open the footpath. The metropolis had previously tried to open the sidewalk traders elsewhere, which was a complete failure. The given place will be filled and new traders will come to the sidewalk again until the country becomes prosperous. To break this cycle, whatever was needed by the scope and capacity of the metropolis was done and is being done. If we were not in the metropolis but in the federal government, our efforts could have been different. It might have been tried to solve it at the national level in a different way. For us, this is only a matter of possibility. We did what we had to do when we faced the reality and looked for a solution. The results of which have started to be seen positively in areas such as Baneshwor and Asan. 

2. One Crore for E-sports: 

Until recently, the society was unfriendly towards artists like singing and dancing. There was more embarrassment than respect for female artists. But now the situation has changed. So much so that in order to win these related reality shows, the family invests and trains them to dance and sing from a young age. This is the change we are seeing. Similar changes are taking place in the sports sector as well. E-sports is also becoming a field of future income as a sport and a matter of national pride. Are we ready for that or not? To accept that change or not? This question was important. We allocated a budget to establish that change in the society. The reactions that came as soon as the budget was allocated and the reactions that came after people started to understand started to differ. In E-sports, after the program is done as we want, we can also achieve the ability to allocate the budget. Let's wait for that day. 


3. Yamabuddha's Statue: 

It was a reference to making Yamabuddha's Statue as a small organ in an artistic park. Like the reference to eSports in point 2, hip-hop and its Nepalization is a new trend in hip-hop music. Yamabuddha is a very respected name for that discipline. Since he was close to that discipline, he thought that he should play a role in making it more respectable and orderly. No one would have cared if the budget was made to say that the park was only a park. But it was put in a different point that more and more transparency is needed in the budget. We made some changes in the decision due to the feedback from the public. In spite of this, it is a sense of pride that a large number of a generation of the society was able to debate and discuss to establish the fact that they are looking for possibilities in their future and art. 


4. Drinking and Crown Change in the Program: 

People play different roles in the same life. While I am organized as a mayor in the office, I may be disorganized as a son at home, as a husband, as a lover and enjoying playing futsal with friends. Each of these roles may need to be the opposite of the other. The atmosphere can also make a difference. I may be acting separately for the discussion of the program or to make the atmosphere interesting. I request you to understand all these things accordingly. Also, being a public figure, I would like to inform you that I am aware of the impact my actions can have on the society. 


5. Delay in Waste Management: 

What we have to accept is that within 100 days, it could not be done as we thought in terms of waste management. But we were able to bring to the surface the problem which has been rotting for almost 2 decades. Through this, we have been able to identify real problems and make sustainable solution plans.


6. Regarding the removal of unauthorized structures including Norvic:

Whatever purpose it is said to be used for, it should be used in the same way. That's all we want. We will not hesitate to enforce this rule under any condition. In some of these cases, we have spoken in the context of the honorable court, expressed our anger loudly in front of the concerned person. We have done those works only as a bridge to carry the voices of the common people to the respective places. Perhaps that is the reason for being a representative of the people. Finally, we are not in a 100 day race, we have a 5 year plan. We are ready to endure insults and criticism for some time, but we are not ready to turn away from the path of sustainable solution and management of the problems of the metropolis. Trust me, we will not disappoint the trust and support you have towards us.



We try to convey you the message of Balen Shah in six different topic of 100 progress. We hope you like the work of Balen Shah. If you want to know more about Balen Shah then you could read his biography and more. 

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