4 Years B.Ed. 1st Year 2078 Exam Schedule| B.Ed. 1st Year Revised Routine 2078

4 Years B.Ed. 1st Year Exam Routine 2078 Exam Schedule:- As per the notice published by TU the Regular examination of 4 years bachelor level Education, Management, Science, Humanities and Technical Faculty Examination is going to held 2078 B.S. starting form 13th of Falgun. 

4 Years B.Sc. 1st Year Exam Schedule 2078
4 Years B.Sc. 1st Year Exam Schedule 2078

The exam was postponed earlier time so it has been rescheduled by TU for all the students related to this exam. 


4 Years B.Ed. 1st Year 2078 Exam Schedule

B.Ed. 1st Year exam is going to be held from the date 13th Falgun 2078 BS. and Exam Will End on 27th Falgun 2078 BS. This means that exam will run for 14 Days. 

You all know that there is no time for exam to prepare for exam of B.Ed. so be prepared in advance.


B.Ed. 1st Year 2078 Exam Time 

Exam will start on afternoon 12:00 PM and will End on afternoon 3:00 PM means 4 years B.Ed. Bachelor level exam will run for 3 hours on examination day. 

In short 

Exam Start Time: Afternoon 12:00 PM

Exam End Time: Afternoon 3:00 PM

B.Ed. 1st Year Exam Schedule 2078

Date          4 Years Education (B. Ed.)

2078/11/13 Ed. -412 Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education

2078/11/15 Eng. Ed.- 411- General English

2078/11/18 Nep. Ed -401 Compulsory Nepali

2078/11/20 Major Subjects – 416 Nepali Education (Nepali Story & Novel) Eng. Ed. -Foundation of Language and Linguistics_Math Ed .-Foundation of Mathematics_ Sc. Ed. -Chemistry-I_ HP. Ed. Foundation of Health Ed./Pop. Ed.- Foundation of Population_ Geo. Ed. -Physical Geography _ Eco. Ed. -Economics Analysis _ Hist. Ed.- Ancient and Medieval History of Nepal_ Pol. Sc. Ed. -Political Thinkers_ Ed. Pm. -Education Administration_  Socioal studies-416

2078/11/22 Major Subjects-417 Nepali Education (Nepali Drama Solo & Essay) Eng. Ed. -Reading writing and Critical Thinking_ Math. Ed. -calculus-I _ Sc. Ed. -Physics-I_ HP. Ed -Foundation of Physical Ed._ Pop. Ed. -Quality of life_ Geo. Ed.-Human Geography_ Eco. Ed. - Quantitative Techniques_ Hist. Ed. -Socio-Cultural and Economics_ Pol. Sc. Ed.-Political Analysis_ Ed. Pm -Development of Education in Nepal Social studies-417

2078/11/25 Minor Subjects: Nepali Education (Nepali Story & Novel) Eng. Ed. Foundation of Language and Linguistics/Math. Ed. Foundation of Mathematics I/ HP. Ed. Foundation of Health Ed../Pop. Ed. Foundation of Population Ed./Geo. Ed. Physical Geography/Eco. Ed. Economics Analysis/Hist. Ed. Ancient and Medieval History of Nepal/Pol. Sc. Ed. Political Thinkers/Ed. Pm Education Administration/Animal Science-418

2078/11/27 Minor Subjects: P. Ed. -Foundation of physical  Edu._ Eco. Ed -Quantitative Techniques-419_Plant Science, Teaching Social studies-418 

Revised Routine of B. Ed. 1st year 2078

Bed Revised 1st Year exam 2078
B.Ed. 1st Year Exam

Exam Form Fill Up Notice

You all have to visit your college carrying double amount of exam form application for filling its form within 21st of Magh 2078 BS. otherwise you will not be able to enter for the above scheduled exam.

TU Exam Rules for B.Ed. Students

Check out the BBS exam Schedule link for the rules to be followed by B.Ed. Student while you are in the examination hall and while entering the examination hall for exam of 2078 BS.



For Bachelor Level Science and BBS or Management Faculty we have publish another notice separately. If you like this notice you could share with your friends.

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