CTEVT Entrance Form notice 2078 | CTEVT Notice 2078

CTEVT Entrance Exam Form notice 2078

Hello! You all today our topic is about the current notice published by CTEVT regarding Entrance Exam. If you want to study H.A., PCL Nursing, Hotel Management, Overseer, D Pharmacy then you are welcome to all the CTEVT affiliated colleges.  
CTEVT Entrance Form Notice 2078
CTEVT Notice 2078

Full Paying Notice of CTEVT entrance form 2078

If you wanted to study in specific college should send application form through electric channel or internet. All the student should fill up the from within the deadline of Bhadra 18th 2078. You can easily search all the colleges contact affiliated under CTEVT through search engine like google, bing, yahoo, etc. Use different popular browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, to search colleges near you. You can directly contact to colleges using their website sticked phone number. 

Download Entrance Forms and Online form


You student are informed that all the don't be confused on all the courses such as PCL Nursing, H. A. (General Medicine), Hotel Management Diploma, Overseer, D Pharmacy, 

Full Scholarship (Classified Scholarship)

Online Form is needed to be filled up by you all the student.

  • Rs. 600
  • Bhadra 7th 2078 - Bhadra 22th 2078
  • Fill Up the Classified Online Form
  • Visit the official CTEVT website for the online form 

Documents Requirement

  • You need to manage all the required document Color PP size Photo (8KB-50KB)
  • Signature (3KB - 20KB)
  • Sifarish (Recommendation Letter). Size is 80KB -300KB. If you are from government college then make it from your school. If you are Janajati, or Dalit or other classified community then bring it from different department (Aayog). You can scan all these document for uploading online. 

Entrance Exam

  • No Entrance Exam. There will be no entrance exam for classified scholarship
  • Province - Province means it will be in specified area.

SEE and Class 8 GPA


Class 8= 40%

If you are from Pre-diploma or TSLC then,



If you studied 8 class from Private School and SEE from Government school then you are full eligible to get this scholarship. 



Total Scholarship = 2972

Province 1 = 363

Province 2 = 406

Province 3 =  782

Province 4 = 265

Province 5 =  530

Province 6 = 292

Province 7 =  334

Saadharan Samuha (50%) : SEE from Government School Student

 And Lakshit Barga Samuha (50%) from the above total scholarship.:Should pass SEE from Government school and fulfill all criteria specified by government like Apaanga, dalit, Deprived group, etc. 

In one province you can fill the from for only one program like you can only fill HA program. You cannot fill the from for other program like PCL Nursing in same Province. But you can fill PCL Nursing from from another Province. 


We hope that you have confirmed the notice regarding entrance exam of CTEVT. If you have any confusion comment down. 

Thank you

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