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New Codes to recharge, transfer and check Balance:- Today we have come up with new topic on Recharge, balance transfer and Balance inquiry in different telecommunication companies in Nepal. Now onward the short code used to get the balance information in the mobile, transfer the balance and recharge the mobile in Nepal will be the same for all the service providers. 

New Codes to recharge, transfer and check Balance
New Codes to recharge, transfer and check Balance

New Balance Recharge, transfer, and inquiry codes for NTC, NCELL Smarttel, etc.

The regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority of Nepal has published short code and toll free number management procedure, 2077 to be implemented within 6 month by all the sim card service providers companies in Nepal including Nepal Telecommunication. for all the above mentioned telecommunication services.

NTC, NCELL and Smart Tel Previous codes

Today we talk about 3 Most Popular Simcard of Nepal that were used to perform transfer balance, recharge balance and balance inquiry or information 

Previous Codes of NTC

Previously, service providers NTC used their own unique code* 400# to transfer balance from one mobile phone to another. Similarly to check balance Nepal Telecommunication (NTC) simcard holder customer used to dial * 422 # to transfer balance to their friends and family and to recharge * 412 # code was used for recharge.

Previous Codes of Ncell

In the same way Ncell customers use to dial * 101 # to check their  mobile balance, unique code * 17122 # to transfer their balance and * 102 # to recharge their balance in mobile after balance was finished


Previous Codes of Smart Cell.

Friends now let's talk about Smart Cell Simcard simcard users. You/Customers used to use code * 123 # to check your/their mobile balance. To transfer the balance * 131#  is currently in use and * 422 # to update your balance or recharge mobile.

Note that after some time or within 7 months all service providers have to use the similar codes.

New Codes to Recharge transfer and Check Balance 

Guys, now due to implementation of same codes to all the telecommunication providers within the next six months, it is obliged to all service providers that they should use following short code:

 1. 144 to check/Inquiry balances, 133 to transfer balances and 122 to recharge.

2. For Transfer of Balance 133 should be used.

3. For Recharging your mobile use 122. 

Since many customers are having trouble while memorizing the codes Nepal Telecommunication Authority step forward and made such for the users.

"According to the service provider, having different codes makes it difficult for users to remember," said Min Prasad Aryal, a spokesman for the authority.

Motive for Introducing Short Codes

Most importantly, this types of same short codes has been introduced to make all the simcard users convenience. You know that memorizing many codes are not possible for all the people.

  1. To make this things easy and increase the numbers of Simcard users in near future this has been launched. 
  2. This is also to make all the people to link with the telecommunication
  3. There will be proper utilization of simcard by all the users. 

Implementation Time of Short Codes 

 The service provider will have to implement this provision within six months from the date of issue.

Also, after 6 months, there will be one year time period for the service providers like NTC, Ncell, Smart Cell, Hello, CG, etc. to implement these new codes to their customer through their company.In this One year Time period both old and new codes can be used in a parallel way. 

But, after one year, it is compulsory to use the above mentioned new codes to be by every service providers to their customers.This is according to the procedure 2077 of NTA


Conclusion on Short Codes of NTA

If you have any questions about short codes then please don't be late. We will be bringing you up exciting latest updates on NTA. 

Thank you
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