Protect website From Hacking 16 Tips|Secure Website From Hackers

Protect website From Hacking:- This has been the main issue how to protect website being hacked by hackers by making website security stronger. So today we talk about website security. 

In recent times, the development of science and technology has made the life of the common man more simple and comfortable. Although the development of technology has simplified, the risk has also increased more often.There has also been an increase in the amount and technology of misusing technology. That requires extra security precautions to protect our Website.

Protect website From Hacking
How To Protect website From Hacking

There is a growing interest in cyber security around the world. Even within Nepal, some time ago, Chinese hackers hacked the servers of banks and financial institutions and extracted money which was very bad news for cyber security. Some misused ATM cards.

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According to information technology experts, Nepal is in a precarious position in terms of cyber security. In recent days, the websites of some government offices inside Singha Durbar have also been shut down.

How can you secure our website in effective way?

You Know the government has given you tips on how to protect your website.The Department of Information Technology under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has made 13-point recommendations for the security of websites and web applications. The department said that following those suggestions, the website and web application will be safe to a large extent. 

  1. Back up all the files related to the website and web application online and offline continuously for a certain period of time.

  2. Immediately remove unnecessary and unused files, databases and applications from the site where the website, web application is hosted.

  3. Let's use SSL encryption on the website.

  4. Let's use a strong password policy.

  5. Always store the password in the database only by encrypting it using one way hosting, not plain text.

  6. Let's use multi-factor authentication.

  7. Website, web application operated web server, environment, platform, framework script always keep updated and latest.

  8. Stop any Knowledge Management System (KMS) file upload feature.

  9. The name and version of the software development platform and operating system should not be visible to the user.

  10. Let's close 10 unnecessary service ports.

  11. Make arrangements to suspend or block the user when the user login fails to use the user name and password.

  12. Follow the OWASP Security Guidelines and test the security of websites and web applications at least once a year or after each application technology update.

  13. Let's test the security risk of the website as per the 'Website Creation and Management Directive, 2068' of the government body.


Bonus Tips for Website Security for Wordpress Users

  1. If you are WordPress users then you must updates all the plugins and themes

  2. Do not use null themes or plugins like SEO YEOST.

  3. Install and activate i Themes Security (Formally better Security)


We always need to check our security of our website. Otherwise we never know what will happen to our website. Stay safe and stay quick to protect your website. If you like our tips then share it with your friends as well. 
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