Master Thesis 2076 - Thesis submission date notice 2076

Master Thesis 2076 -Student to send Master Level thesis 2076

Master Thesis Master 2076 - Thesis submission date notice 2076 has been published. Master Level Students thesis notice has been published by Tribhuvan University (TU), Office of Examination Controller, Balkhu to submit their thesis in time.
Master Thesis 2076
Master Level Notice

Thesis Submission Last Date

According to minute no. 17 and date Shrawan 23th, 2076 of Academic Council Standing Committee the students admitted for the first time in Master Level on 2048 or after 2048 who are unable to send thesis are announced to perform their VIVA within Falgun last date and to prepare their thesis and send to TU within 2077 Chaitra the last date.   

The thesis should be sent to Tribhuvan University within the given above time limit otherwise the student who sends their thesis after the time period specified above the this will not be included in the record of TU. 

If a student wants to pass their Master Level then it is compulsory to send their viva and thesis to the Tribhuvan University. Tribhuvan University never likes to fail any student and never like to disturb any student who wants to go further in their study. 

What is Theoretical TU exam?

This is the on the spot exam. All the student will be informed to fill up their exam at first. After filling the exam form exam schedule will be published. Lastly, Tribhuvan University announces about the exam Centre. Finally, the Exam will be held to those pre-specified exam centres. Students different colleges/campus will be called to take part in the examination in which they have filled exam form. Exam guard will distribute exam questions with a blank answer sheet to all the students in which students need to give the answer to the questions provided by the exam guard. 

What are Thesis and viva?

Thesis work starts with preparing a proposal on the topic on which students are going to prepare their thesis. After preparing a thesis proposal student need to defend their proposal topic. The next step will be that student will be provided with the supervisor to check their thesis which will be prepared in a certain duration of time. Mistakes made by a student will be corrected by the supervisor and the final thesis will be prepared.


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  1. Has there been considerations in adding deadline due to Covid crisis of 2077?? Plz let us know.

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