Nepali notes original or duplicate - How to identify Original or Duplicate Nepali money Notes

Original or Duplicate Nepali notes - How to identify money

Original or Duplicate Nepali notes - How to identify Original or Duplicate Nepali money Notes is our concern in this topic. Nowadays, we are hearing news about a large amount of money in the market is found to be duplicate or fake. In the previous article, we discussed how to know our smartphones are original or duplicate.
Original or Duplicate Nepali notes - How to identify money
We go market to buy vegetables, fruits and other household required goods for our livelihood and we exchange our money while buying different products we are not so much conscious that in return we are getting duplicate and original notes from sellers. So, to know about notes you are carrying you must read this article up to last because this is for your secure future life.  

We know that at present in a different part of Nepal many groups are found with Rs. 1,000, Rs. 500 and Rs. 100 duplicate notes frequently with the small and large amount. But these types of duplicating work has not been stopped. 

So, we want to make all the public aware of original or duplicate notes that are found in Nepalese Market. 

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has directed people on how to identify notes that we are carrying?

Five ways to Identify Original or Duplicate Nepali notes:

1. Paper Quality 

Nepali notes are prepared from high-quality papers. We can feel some types of hardness in money when we rub our hand in money slightly at any part. 

Also, when we squeeze our money then it slowly comes to its original rectangular shape. 

But, in case of duplicate paper quality is like an A4 size paper or copy papers and after squeezing it does not turn to its original shape. 

2. Rhododendron Flower:

We know that rhododendron is a national flower of Nepal. While printing Nepali Notes firstly rhododendron flower is printed so we cannot see it with our eye clearly. 

When we show light on our money then we find rhododendron flower picture in grey colour in the white part. Watermark of Rhododendron can be visualize clearly shown in this article. 

But, we cannot find the type of watermark of rhododendron in duplicate note. 

3. NRB Name Only

When we see our money then we only find half of the NRB shortcut. But, when we show light then full NRB is visible this is a very easy way. 

We can see only half letter of NRB in blue colour at first but after showing it on the light we see a purple colour to join and full letter NRB. 

real or fake money
We can also feel NRB by touching it slightly to notes.

4. Dark Black Ribbon NRB

Vertical Dark Black bold line or rope can be seen in the middle of Rs.1000 notes, in money colour is seen when NRB letters fully complete. Also, In Rs. 100 notes also we can find this same line or rope.

About the line or rope, we are saying is from top of the money to button of money fully when we catch our money in horizontal shape as shown in the image.   

5. God and Goddess Images 

Lets, talk about goddess images in money. 

In Rs. 1000 notes Bhagwati Goddess image inside an oval, 

In Rs. 500 God Kuber image inside an oval shape of money. 

And in Rs. 100 notes we find Mayadevi picture. 

You need to show your money to light for clearly visualizing different images.


We hope that all the 5 ways to identify original or duplicate Nepalese notes and if you want to make your friends and other family members aware about this tips for knowing about notes that are available in our market then do share it to all. 
Thank you
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