Bachelor first year form notice 2076 Tribhuvan University Notice 2076

3/4 Bachelor first year form notice 2076 TU Notice 2076

3/4 Bachelor first year form notice 2076 Tribhuvan University Notice 2076, Tribhuvan University, Office of Controller of Examination, Balkhu Kathmandu, has published a notice regarding filling up the form of bachelor 1st year to the yearly based students from various faculties such as Humanities, Management and Education.

4 years Bachelor 1st year and 3 years Bachelor 1st year students from different faculties are informed to fill up a form in a given time. Faculties that are included in 1st year 3/4 years Bachelor first exam are Humanities, Management and Education.
3 4 Bachelor first year form notice 2076
3 4 Bachelor first year form notice 2076

Furthermore, This is informed that this is a last chance exam form fill up a notice to those students who have admitted in 2069 B.S. and appeared exam 2070 B.S. for the first time. 

This notice is for all the regular and partial students as well as all the private students.

All the regular and partial students should go to your related campus for filling up the exam form of the bachelor level.

And, all the private students should go to the Office of Controller of Examination or the nearest central Office of Controller of Examination.

Regular date of filling up the form for Bachelor Students:

Starting Date: Ashadh 3rd, 2076 B.S. or June 18th, 2019 A.D.

Last Date:  Shrawan 1st, 2076 B.S. or July 17th, 2019 A.D.

Students who fill-up the form in the above date they will have to pay the only regular fee that is required to fill the examination form

Double fee in filling the form  

Also, those Students who forget to fill up the form in given above date there is another chance to fill up the form in Double fee than regular fee.

Starting Date: Shrawan 2nd, 2076 B.S. or July 18th, 2019 A.D.

Final Last Date:  Shrawan 8th, 2076 B.S.

How many years a student can appear in Bachelor Exam?

According to TU approved minute no. 123  Bachelor yearly based 3 years students  should passed in all the exams within 7 years otherwise it will be disqualified and should re-admit at the same level again.

Download Complete notice by clicking here Bachelor 1st year Exam form Fill up notice 2076 

In conclusion

The above information will help you to fill up form of Bachelor exam form for 2076 and we want to inform you that this is last chance for students who have admitted for the first time in 2069 and appeared exam for the first time i 2070. For more information, you can visit to our website.

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