How to Make Blogger Post Not Copyable | Prevent from Copy

How to make blogger post not copy-able How to make your blog post only readable

How to make blogger post not copy-able or prevent the post from being copied or how to make your blog post only readable to the readers or viewer of your blog, website and article is the topic. The complete article is on how to?

1. Who can't copy the creation of your mind?

You know friend we always create a unique article with hard work. Nobody wants to see their post in other websites or blog completely without missing any word. But, some people completely copy others article and think himself as if this has been created by himself. But, in the long run, this will hamper in their life and it left only to regret because there are no other means.

How to make blogger post not copy able
prevent copy

2. Who can copy your creation?

But, if somebody copied our content and inserted his creativity and made this post more interesting and more acceptable then it becomes his own property because he added his creativity and discovered new things that helped people little more than older post.
So, friends if you want to prevent your post from being copied by someone who you don't want then this is a simple method you can apply to your blogger website. We are not talking about Wordpress website. We want to help those friends who don't like to make their post copied easily.

3. How to make your blogger post from being copied?

So, friends if don't want anyone to copy your original contents to anyone then you must apply these below steps and implement accordingly.

Step-1. Implement in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

CSS is Cascading Style Sheet which helps us to do everything to our page.

Open Theme section of your blog and then click on customize it on an advanced option and your last job is just to paste this below code to your CSS section
Now the job is done. Just click save in customize section and to blogger dashboard.
 .noselect {
  -webkit-touch-callout: none; /* iOS Safari */
  -webkit-user-select: none;   /* Chrome/Safari/Opera */
  -khtml-user-select: none;    /* Konqueror */
  -moz-user-select: none;      /* Firefox */
  -ms-user-select: none;       /* Internet Explorer/Edge */
  user-select: none;           /* Non-prefixed version, currently
                                  not supported by any browser */

Step-2. Implement in post

Every time you create a new post you must include this in a blog post.
Firstly, Click on the Posts section of the blogger dashboard
Secondly, Click New post
Thirdly, Paste below code in HTML section
<p class="noselect">
  Unselectable text.
Lastly, after pasting above code you will see in the compose section of the blog post as Unselectable text.

Nothing to do just delete this Unselectable text and start writing your blog post, as usual, you were writing before.

4. Conclusion to post

If you implement codes according to our guide then this will definitely help you to make your content safe. Hope this article helps you a lot to find out the solution to your problem about not letting others copy the contents of your blog and website.

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