4 years BEd 2nd year routine exam schedule 2076 BEd

4 years BEd 2nd year routine exam schedule 2076 BEd

4 years BEd 2nd year routine exam schedule 2076 BEd Exam routine. BEd Exam schedule -Exam Schedule /routine of bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) Level 2nd Year 2076 has been published in 2076/02/25, Saturday English Date : Saturday, June 8th, 2019 A.D. Find your routine and attend your exam sincerely. Those students who are attending their exam should carefully know their faculty and subject code before the examination date.

Tribhuvan University
Exam Controller Office, Balkhu, Kathmandu
Tribhuvan University, Exam Controller Office, Balkhu, Kathmandu Has Published. Semeaster course exam of 4 years BEd 2nd Year 2076 to held the exam in 2076 B.S.  in the month of Shrawan Exam schedule/routine is for the regular and private students yearly Based 4 years B.Ed. This schedule is published to all the students related to this exam. Examination schedule are for various faculties 3 Years BBS, Humanities, B.Ed, Mgmt, Bachelor in Art (BA) and Bachelor in Science (BSc). But, we have only given routine of 4 years B.Ed. 2nd Year 2076 .The full routine of exam is published as following  :

Exam Date 2076 B.S., 14th Shrawan (2076/04/14)
Exam Time : Day 12:00 PM to 3 : 00 PM
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Exam Date                                          Subject
2076-04-14      Ed. 421 - Educational Psychology
2076-04-16      Code No.-422 Eng. Ed/Nep. Ed./Math. Ed/Sc. Ed./ HP. Ed./Pop. Ed./Geo
                         Ed./Geo. Ed./Hist. Ed./Eco. Ed./Pol. Sc. Ed./Ed. Pm..........
and so on.........
For further Detail you have been provided with the exam Exam Routine of 4 Years B.Ed. 2nd year 2076 below exam to held from 2076 B.S., Shrawan, 14th.
๐Ÿ‘‡↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇙⇙⇙⇙⇙ ๐Ÿ‘‡
4 years BEd 2nd year routine exam schedule 2076 BEd

Special Notice for the Exam :

All the Regular and Private (Full and Partial) students from different faculties faculties 3 Years and 4 Years B.B.S., Humanities,  3 years and 4 years Education (B.Ed.), Management, Bachelor in Art (BA) and Bachelor in Science (BSc). who have not fill up form till now are informed to fill form in right from the date of this notice in double amount  till 2076/03/20 B.S in Campus. After, filling up form All the Campus are informed that all the form collected from students should send to Office of Controller of examination exactly at the date 2076/03/23 B.S. and 2076/03/24 B.S.
Exam form notice for those who have still not filled up you need further notice about Special notice about exam.
special notice

  Further rules and regulation :

If you would like to get further information and rule for 4 years B.Ed. 2nd year examination then Click Here for B. Ed. Exam Rules and Regulations


If you have any confusion with the above notice you can comment in the comment section below. All the Information's are taken from TU as source.

Thank you
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