Class 8 Exam Routine Lalitpur 2079 Exam | BLE Exam Routine 2023 Published

BLE Class 8 (Grade 8) Routine 2079:- Today we gonna talk about the Lalitpur Metropolitan city class class 8 Exam Routine 2079. Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Bagmati Province published the grade 8 full exam routine. We discuss here the BLE class 8 exam routine 2 Lalitpur, starting and ending dates, and Exam time.


class 8 exam routine 2079 Lalitpur
Class 8 Exam Routine 2079 Lalitpur
This notice is completely related to the Basic Level Examination (BLE) Class 8 Exam participation and exam operation/running. 


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The Notice about the Lalitpur class 8 examination operation decision has been done under the chairmanship of  Lalitpur Metropolitan City Vice-President, Examination & coordination committee president Manjali Shakya Bajracharya. The decision has been done to run the exam of class 8 on Falgun 4, 2079 B.S.

The 2079 academic session Basic Level (Class 8) passed exam starts from 2079 Chaitra 5, 2079 as per the meeting done by the exam committee. The complete exam routine of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City class 8 exam is below.

Lalitpur Class 8 Exam Start Time 2079

The Lalitpur grade 8 exam is starting late in the morning. The temperature is quite decent for the exam time. Now, the summer season has started and there will be no difficulty to start exams at this time. Students after the launch can participate in the exam. We suggest every student show their attendance before half hour to find the seat planning. 

  • Exam Start Time: 11:00 AM 
  • Exam End Time: 02:00 PM

Class 8 Exam Routine 2079 Lalitpur 

The exam start date is Chaitra 5, 2079 and ends on Chaitra 14, 2079. There are two days gaps between exam on Chaitra 7, 2079 due to holiday and Chaitra 12, 2079 due to public holiday Saturday in Nepal. Class 8 exam start and end date is below. 

  • Exam Start Date: Chaitra 5, 2079 
  • Exam End on Chaitra 14, 2079

No.    Exam Dates   Subjects

  1. 2079/12/05   English
  2. 2079/12/06   Nepal
  3. 2079/12/07   Ghode Jatra Holiday
  4. 2079/12/08   Mathematics
  5. 2079/12/09   Science & Environment
  6. 2079/12/10   Business Profession & Technology Education
  7. 2079/12/11   Saturday Holiday
  8. 2079/12/12   Social Studies & Population Education
  9. 2079/12/13   Moral Education and Health and Physical Education
  10. 2079/12/14   Local Subjects


class 8 Routine 2079 Lalitpur
class 8 Routine 2079 Lalitpur

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Class 8 Exam Fee Detail Lalitpur

The examination fee per student of Rs. 274 to be paid by all the Institutional Schools should be paid in the Nepal Bank, Gha: Bahal Branch, Lalitpur Metropolitan City Gha-2-7 Lalitpur Metropolitan Others Expenses A/c No. 01803000002007000001 in the bulk amount and the original voucher should be sent to education main branch within Falgun 20, 2079

Student detail & Document Participating Class 8 Exam 

All the detail of students participating in the academic session 2079 Basic Level Passed (Class 8) exam should be sent in an excel sheet. The student detail per student should be Name, Father Name & Date of Birth (DOB) soft copy, and birth certificate photocopy should be sent by the school to Lalitpur Metropolitan city education main branch within Falgun 20, 2079. 

  • Student Name
  • Student's Father Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Birth Certificate Soft Copy
  • Birth Certificate Certificate Photocopy


BLE Class 8 Exam Centre

Other detail about the BLE exam grade 8 2079 Lalitpur will be published in the near future. The exam center of class 8 2079 will be published by the school itself.


Conclusion: Lalitpur Class 8 Exam

We know that there a re 11 Metropolitan cities in Nepal. Almost all the Metropolitan City has published their class 8 exam routine for 2079 academic session. We has already published the routine routine of Kathmandu & Pokhara in our website. If you are searching for class routine of Pokhara and Exam routine of Kathmandu then just type your query in the search section.   



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